19 Legitimate Ways on How to Make Money From Your Data (2021)

Updated: Jul 1

It's very concerning that our data is part of a $260 billion industry and we aren't given a cut of it since we're giving away our property.

Yet, we skip on pages of the user agreement and click "I agree" all for the sake of convenience so we can immediate use a company's services.

And what do we get in return?

Big tech companies and smaller companies cyberstalking us after collecting and selling our data to different brokers in order to give us targeted ads and personalized recommendations online.

Although I can't magically make all your data rightfully yours again from various tech companies with a flick of a wand, what I can do is help you get a proper portion of your cut from the existing data you're already giving out.

I will be going over in detail what these 17 services / mobile apps have to offer for you:

  • Cocoon MDR Browser

  • Ozone

  • Solipay

  • Permission.io

  • Delphia

  • UBDI

  • Tartle

  • Honeygain

  • IPRoyal Pawns

  • PacketStream

  • Clture

  • ATM.com

  • BIGtoken

  • My Cashew

  • MSR

  • Killi

  • UpVoice

Along with 2 other decentralized services, making it a total of 19, which offer multiple advantages over the list I provided above:

  • Swash App

  • GeoCash

Plus 3 additional bonuses at the end that I am still waiting to get in and review at the moment as well as some final words to bring this all back together.

Cocoon MDR Browser

(Desktop application for the US only, Mobile app can be used internationally)

Cocoon MDR Browser is built on Chromium, an open-sourced browser that Google Chrome is built on without all the necessary components that makes using Google Chrome extremely slow at times when having multiple tabs open.

If you're looking for a browser that is willing sell your money to data brokers anonymously while still getting a piece of that cash, you'll be glad that this is a legitimate source for getting paid for your data.

I believe that this is one of the best browsers for securing your data and anonymity while still getting paid for your data.

So if you're looking at adult-oriented websites, have no fear! Cocoon anonymizes all of that data so you're good to go!

So stop browsing the internet when Google and Facebook are tracking you everywhere while giving you personalized ads and start using this browser instead.


  • Built-in antivirus using patent-pending, advanced isolation technology

  • Uses 2048-bit encrypted servers so the data you create in this browser doesn't trace back to you while being secure

  • Your personal identity is masked by their servers: IP Address, cookies, browser type, etc.

  • Using this browser will automatically tell websites you are located in the US regardless which country you are in (except China [China scary]) due to their US proxy servers

  • International users can get paid for using Cocoon's mobile app and get properly compensated for your geolocation

  • Not a memory (RAM) eater like Google Chrome

  • You have a chance of winning $125 via a note on their Facebook page

  • Only problem is that it's currently not active so you would have to contact them via email


  • Currently using a previous build of Chromium instead of an up-to-date version

  • Some Chrome extensions will not be compatible

  • Some websites will have issues with functionality such as videos due to lack of certain plugins that aren't included in Cocoon

  • Dashboard still shows that it is still on Version Win 0.1.3 after a year although the About Cocoon section shows that it is updated over time

  • Using a VPN will disable your earnings until you disable your VPN

  • Withdrawal to PayPal is subject to a 3% fee regardless of using the automatic 3-month withdrawal or not despite their claim of free automatic withdrawals

  • Earnings have declined within a year during 2020.

  • ~6000 page views used to give out approximately $25 (see picture below)

  • Now it costs around $10 for 150000+ page views in 2021

  • Possible for you to get flagged for unusual activity for any unknown reason or no reason at all and have your earnings suspended (like I did while using it normally)

The Verdict

Overall, Cocoon now is a decent browser. You can still earn money off on your data through desktop or Android but it's not worth as much now in comparison to early 2020. But Humanity Forward has taken notice of this browser via Facebook link below.

Definitely not showing you my testimonial since my mostly hidden email can be easily identifiable.

What earning in Cocoon MDR used to look like in early 2020

The amount of page views used to earn you that much money in early 2020.

That is not the case in 2021 now that earnings have been reduced by approximately 80-85%.

Download Cocoon MDR Browser now via their website for Windows and Mac by clicking here or through the Google Play Store by clicking here.

For a more decentralized option, I highly recommend scrolling down to the Swash App.