11+ More Services on How to Make Money From Your Data (2022) [Part 2]

Updated: Jun 25

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This post is a continuation of my previous post, 19 Legitimate Ways on How to Make Money From Your Data, since my website won’t allow me to make it any longer.

If you have not read that post, I highly recommend taking a look at it before or after reading this post. It’s your preference but either way, you’ll still be able to get your cut of money from your data in the end.

And like in the previous post, I will be going through with you what these 9 services / mobile apps have to offer for you in detail and how you'll be able to make money from selling your personal data and properly getting paid for it:

  • Gener8 Browser

  • Surf

  • Tapestri

  • Coin App [Web3]

  • Invisibly

  • mePrism

  • Get My Slice

  • [Spider] Income™

  • EarnApp

  • Traffmonetizer

  • Human Data Income (HUDI) [Web3]

Plus, an added bonus of 5 more services that have yet to be released to the public which will be mentioned after going through the list above as well as some final words.

This list will continue to grow and be updated from time to time so be sure to bookmark this page.


Gener8 Browser

(Windows and macOS, available worldwide but redemption only available in the UK)

Gener8 Browser is built from the open-source browser, Chromium that has two modes available for you: rewards and privacy.

Since the privacy mode is pretty self-explanatory with limiting companies from tracking your data online while removing ads, let’s get into how the rewards mode will benefit you.

In rewards mode, all the ads you’ll see will be replaced with the ones generated by Gener8 based off on your data in exchange for Gener8 points that you can use for redeeming gift cards, physical products, deals, and discounts.

Since these ads are tailored to your personal interests, you’ll love the fact that you’re still earning points while you’re browsing online normally as usual.

While Google [Chrome] disrespects you by using your personal data to generate revenue for themselves when you use their browser as a “free” service. So I believe that Gener8 will give you a better value for your time with a fair compensation for your data.

You know what else Gener8 has that Google Chrome doesn’t? RAM. You finally get so much more free RAM when you open multiple tabs with Gener8 compared to Chrome so you can tell Google to go suck it with whatever they coded in their browser!

So what are you waiting for? You should try out one of the best browsers that rewards you for your data now.


  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • No need to go into the settings to tell websites not to track you or install extensions for it since it’s already been implemented in the browser

  • Websites such as Facebook won’t be able to track you

  • Blocks annoying cookie banners

  • A random identifier is given to you in Rewards mode for a more privacy focused experience

  • Your browsing data is anonymized to generate reports

  • You own your own data that you generate at all times and no else


  • Redeeming products is only available in the UK

  • Limited physical products available

  • Unable to use an alias email to sign up (if you have one)

Other Notes:

  • Under Privacy mode, Gener8 prevents sending out sensitive data to thousands of third-party tracking and advertising companies which gives you a cleaner, faster browsing experience.

  • Gener8 is not responsible for the websites/content the ads link to

  • Gener8 Sentinel, a different service, sees if your email address has been a part of any public data breaches using services provided by haveibeenpwned.com

  • If you have not used your account within 3 years, you will get an email notice about your account and data being permanently deleted within 90 days unless you log back in

The Verdict:

Other than the fact of how lightweight and fast it is compared to other browsers, Gener8 is a pretty solid for everyday use since a majority of ads are replaced for smoother experience with the exception of stubborn pop-ups from external sources when you go on certain websites regardless of which browser you’re on.

As for the rewards, there are offers and charitable organizations you can donate to. The only thing you can bid on are the gift cards which I have no experience in since I’m located in the US but the system will definitely change in the future.

You can see the marketplace for yourself by clicking here.

Gener8 does have plans on expanding to other countries so I can see the potential that they could have in the future when it comes data protection and compensation when giving it to other companies.

Click here to sign up for Gener8 Browser.

For FAQs about Gener8, click here.



(US and Canada region only [for now])

[Not the actual logo since Surf won't let anyone use theirs according to their Terms of Service. Designed by BZZRINCANTATION.]

Surf is a browser extension that allows you to passively earn from your browsing data which is available on all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and any other Chromium compatible browser.

If you find that filling out surveys or viewing ads are painfully annoying, then this browser extension will make your life feel so much easier since you don’t have to change your day-to-day routine.

Since they are against big tech companies selling over $500 billion (USD) worth of data from tracking and selling people’s data, including yours, without a single cent of compensation, you can believe that Surf is here to help you change that.

And you can easily ignore this extension running in the background like how employers ghosted your past job applications.

So start installing this extension now and get rewarded from your browsing data you automatically submit.


  • Works with adblocker and any VPN

  • Data is anonymized and sold to brands while removing personally identifiable information and specific browsing data

  • You have full transparency and control over your data


  • No withdrawals to PayPal or anything that involves transferring money to a bank account

  • If you visit certain websites such as ecommerce sites, publication, news sites, social media platforms, or streaming services, the exact link and/or what you’ve searched for will be submitted despite the fact that it is anonymized

  • But you have the ability to remove any information within the past 24 hours

  • Confidentiality not guaranteed when communicating to support or the security of data transmitted over the internet or public networks in connection with your usage of the extension

  • Use a private and secure email provider in this situation

  • Any links from the extension is not guaranteed free of viruses, worms, trojan horses or disabling devices or other code according to their terms of service

  • Apparently, you have to notify the support team immediately if this happens

Other Notes:

  • Currently still in a beta

  • Only one account per person

  • You can pause activity for Surf

  • Data will not be shared in incognito mode or a private window

  • Your points and account will expire in 10 years if there’s no activity on there such as earning or redeeming

  • Ability to refer up to 25 people per day and up to 10 successful referrals per account

  • Once you’ve reached 10 referrals, you would be eligible to become a Surf affiliate where both the affiliate and the referee will receive 1000 points for successfully signing up using an active affiliate link

  • If you don’t delete any browsing activity data within 24 hours, you can delete all your browsing activity within 30 days

  • After 30 days, your browsing activity data will be aggregated and de-identified so it is no longer associated with you

  • If you delete your account, your browsing data will be deleted also

The Verdict:

Ever since I installed this extension, I pretty much ignored it and the points I’ve accumulated until writing this post. I’ve earned a decent amount until I switched browsers and forgotten that I haven’t installed it yet.

There’s a lot of offers, discounts, gift cards, and physical products (which tends to include a gift card as a bonus such as a prepaid Visa card) you can redeem for, especially a PS5 that no one has been actually able to scalp yet.

As for an annual subscription of Netflix, it got removed quite some time ago due to issues with 3rd party providers being less reliable so Surf is working with brands directly instead according to their Discord.

There’s a few charitable organizations you can donate to as well such as Girls Who Code and Clean Water Fund but those are limited.

Even though it’s still in beta, they are offering a lot of products despite being a fairly new start-up company and that result has proved to me that they’re showing a lot of potential in the future.

Click here to sign for Surf.

When you sign up for Surf, we both get 1,000 points after earning your first 750 points. To be successful, you must have Surf installed and browse regularly.

If you are not in the US or Canada, you can join the waitlist by clicking here.

For FAQs about Surf, click here.



(Various countries, available on iOS and Android)

Tapestri is a mobile app that helps you make money based off your location data.

To keep the concept of how this app works simple, your location data goes to the person with the highest bid in the data marketplace.

Since Tapestri be running 24/7 in the background, you don’t have to worry about checking in on the app every time you go to someplace new (unless there’s specific point of interest in the app you want to go to) so you can rest easy.

This app was created in response to how big tech companies collect our data so you can believe that the people behind this app puts your interests ahead of their own.

You could be earning money by simply commuting to work, going out for groceries, or having an sudden urge to take a jog across the country back to back and somehow helped a person along the way come up with a multimillion dollar idea by accident.

This is one of the best apps in terms of getting paid for your location data so download Tapestri on your phone (or tablet) today and start uploading your data for easy money immediately.


  • Data collected from your mobile device is anonymized and doesn’t contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

  • Every information collected about you goes into a secure, encrypted (decentralized) servers in the cloud so there’s absolutely no way to identify you if someone tries to pull up your personal data

  • Does not need to be open to work while using less than 2% of your battery every 24 hours


  • No VPN usage allowed

  • Only one redemption per user within a 30 day period

Other Notes:

  • Minimum age requirement is 16 years old

  • Minimum withdrawal is $10

  • Payment is through Payquicker / Stripe to your Apple or Android Wallet or ACH Bank Transfer

  • Data is sold to companies for advertising, analytics, and research at fair market value and you get a portion of the revenue in return

  • Payments take up to 5-7 business days

  • Other ways to earn includes surveys and referring people

  • Apparently, you can get earn up to $25 per month

  • Option to become a Tapestri brand affiliate for a small yearly subscription fee

  • Used to cover the costs of data processing necessary to provide commissions to Brand Affiliates

  • You earn $1 for every person invited on your first and second tier

  • Every month, you will earn an additional $1 for each active member referred

  • For US residents: If you earn at least $600 within a year, you’ll be sent a 1099 (most likely an NEC) to file for your tax returns

  • Warning: No multiple accounts allowed

  • The app is available in the following countries:

  • United States

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Nigeria

  • Jamaica

  • Bahamas

  • Bermuda

  • British Virgin Islands

  • Dominican Republic

  • Cayman Islands

  • Barbados

  • Antigua Barbuda

  • Ghana

  • Kenya

  • Zimbabwe