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11+ More Legit Services on How to Make Money From Your Data (2023) [Part 2]

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosure here.

As for the other links not related to Amazon, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

This post is a continuation of my previous post, 19 Legitimate Ways on How to Make Money From Your Data, since my website won’t allow me to make it any longer.

If you have not read that post, I highly recommend taking a look at it before or after reading this post. It’s your preference but either way, you’ll still be able to get your cut of money from your data in the end.

And like in the previous post, I will be going through with you what these 11 services / mobile apps have to offer for you in detail and how you'll be able to make money from selling your personal data and properly getting paid for it:

11 Services / Mobile Apps Paying You for Your Data

Plus, an added bonus of 6 more services I'm either currently reviewing or have yet to be released to the public which will be mentioned after going through the list above as well as some final words.

This list will continue to grow and be updated from time to time so be sure to bookmark this page.


11+ Ways to Profit from Your Personal Data:

(Windows and macOS, available worldwide but redemption only available in the UK)

Gener8 Browser is built from the open-source browser, Chromium, which has two modes available for you: rewards and privacy.

Since the privacy mode is self-explanatory in limiting companies from tracking your data online while removing ads, let’s get into how the rewards mode will benefit you.

In rewards mode, Gener8 replaces all the ads with customized ones based on your data.

In exchange for Gener8 points you can use for redeeming gift cards, physical products, deals, and discounts.

You’ll love that you’re still earning points while browsing online as usual since these ads lean towards your interests.

While Google [Chrome] disrespects you by using your data to generate revenue for themselves when you use their browser as a “free” service, Gener8 does the opposite.

So I believe Gener8 will give you a better value for your time with fair compensation for your data.

Do you know what else Gener8 has that Google Chrome doesn’t?


It's better to want more free RAM when you open many tabs with Gener8 compared to Chrome.

So you can tell Google to suck it with whatever they coded in their browser!

So what are you waiting for?

You should try out one of the best browsers that reward you for your data now.


  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • No need to go into the settings to tell websites not to track you or install extensions for it since it’s already been implemented in the browser

  • Websites such as Facebook won’t be able to track you

  • Blocks annoying cookie banners

  • A random identifier is given to you in Rewards mode for a more privacy focused experience

  • Your browsing data is anonymized to generate reports

  • You own your own data that you generate at all times and no else


  • Redeeming products is only available in the UK

  • Limited physical products available

  • Unable to use an alias email to sign up (if you have one)

Other Notes:

  • Under Privacy mode, Gener8 prevents sending out sensitive data to thousands of third-party tracking and advertising companies which gives you a cleaner, faster browsing experience.

  • Gener8 is not responsible for the websites/content the ads link to

  • Gener8 Sentinel, a different service, sees if your email address has been a part of any public data breaches using services provided by

  • If you have not used your account within 3 years, you will get an email notice about your account and data being permanently deleted within 90 days unless you log back in

The Review:

Other than the fact of how lightweight and fast it is compared to other browsers, Gener8 is pretty solid for everyday use.

A majority of ads are replaced for a smoother experience, except for stubborn pop-ups from external sources when you go on certain websites, regardless of which browser you’re on.

As for the rewards, there are offers and charitable organizations you can donate to.

The only thing you can bid on are the gift cards, which I have no experience with since I’m in the US, but the system will change in the future.

You can see the marketplace for yourself by clicking here.

Gener8 has plans on expanding to other countries, so I can see the potential they could have in the future when it comes to data protection and compensation when giving it to other companies.

You receive a bonus of 50 points when your first friend signs up and 10 points for every friend after that. (Your friend gets 10 points for using your link too)

For FAQs about Gener8, click here.


(US, Canada, and UK region only [for now])

[Not the actual logo since Surf won't let anyone use theirs according to their Terms of Service. Designed by BZZRINCANTATION.]

Surf is a browser extension that allows you to earn from your browsing data.

If you find filling out surveys or viewing ads annoying, Surf makes things simple by browsing online.

Your life feels better since you don’t have to change your day-to-day routine.

And you can believe that Surf is here to help you.

They are against big tech companies selling over $500 billion (USD) worth of data from tracking and selling people’s data, including yours, without a single cent of compensation.

You can ignore this extension running in the background, like how employers (possibly) ghosted your past job applications.

It is available on all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and any Chromium-compatible browser.

So install this extension now and get rewarded for the browsing data you automatically submit!


  • Works with adblocker and any VPN

  • Data is anonymized and sold to brands while removing personally identifiable information and specific browsing data

  • You have full transparency and control over your data


  • No withdrawals to PayPal or anything that involves transferring money to a bank account

  • If you visit certain websites such as ecommerce sites, publication, news sites, social media platforms, or streaming services, the exact link and/or what you’ve searched for will be submitted despite the fact that it is anonymized

    • But you have the ability to remove any information within the past 24 hours

  • Confidentiality not guaranteed when communicating to support or the security of data transmitted over the internet or public networks in connection with your usage of the extension

    • Use a private and secure email provider in this situation

  • Any links from the extension is not guaranteed free of viruses, worms, trojan horses or disabling devices or other code according to their terms of service

    • Apparently, you have to notify the support team immediately if this happens

Other Notes:

  • Currently still in a beta

  • Only one account per person

  • You can pause activity for Surf

  • Data will not be shared in incognito mode or a private window

  • Your points and account will expire in 10 years if there’s no activity on there such as earning or redeeming

  • Ability to refer up to 25 people per day and up to 10 successful referrals per account

  • Once you’ve reached 10 referrals, you would be eligible to become a Surf affiliate where both the affiliate and the referee will receive 1000 points for successfully signing up using an active affiliate link

  • If you don’t delete any browsing activity data within 24 hours, you can delete all your browsing activity within 30 days

  • After 30 days, your browsing activity data will be aggregated and de-identified so it is no longer associated with you

  • If you delete your account, your browsing data will be deleted also

The Review:

Ever since I installed this extension, I ignored it and the points I accumulated until writing this post.

I earned a decent amount until I switched browsers and forgot that I haven’t installed it yet.

There are a lot of offers, discounts, and physical products you can redeem, especially a PS5 that no one has been able to scalp yet.

As for an annual subscription to Netflix, it got removed quite some time ago due to issues with 3rd party providers being less reliable, so Surf is working with brands directly instead according to their Discord.

As for redeeming gift cards, it was unsustainable for them as a business model since Surf was losing money for selling people's data that didn't cost much yet.

So they've decided to limit gift cards to Amazon for now and the number of people that can redeem them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There are a few charitable organizations you can donate to, such as Girls Who Code and Clean Water Fund, but those are limited.

They also have Fiverr as a partner, which is interesting since you're redeeming points to hire a freelancer.

As for how Surf collects data, this is just an example they've provided:

A list of 18-24-year-old males in this region that are frequently on this specific site

and does not include:

John Doe on Feb 1st visited these websites

Even though it’s still in beta, they are offering a lot of products despite being a new start-up company.

That result has proved to me that they’re showing a lot of potential in the future.

We both get 1,000 points once you earn your first 750 points!

In order to earn 1,000 points successfully, you must have Surf installed and browse regularly.

If you are not in the US or Canada, you can join the waitlist by clicking here.

For FAQs about Surf, click here.


(Available in various countries, available on iOS and Android)

Tapestri is a mobile app that helps you make money based on location data.

A person pays your data with the highest bid in the data marketplace.

Since Tapestri runs 24/7 in the background, you don’t have to worry about checking in on the app each time you go to someplace new.

So you can feel relieved that you're still earning money.

This app was created in response to how big tech companies collect our data.

So you can believe that the people behind this app puts your interests ahead of their own.

You could be earning money by

Tapestri is one of the best apps for getting paid for your location data.

Download the app on your phone (or tablet) today and upload your data for easy money!


  • Data collected from your mobile device is anonymized and doesn’t contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

  • Every information collected about you goes into a secure, encrypted (decentralized) servers in the cloud so there’s absolutely no way to identify you if someone tries to pull up your personal data

  • Does not need to be open to work while using less than 2% of your battery every 24 hours


  • No VPN usage allowed

  • Only one redemption per user within a 30 day period

Other Notes:

  • Minimum age requirement is 16 years old

  • Minimum withdrawal is $10

  • Payment is through Payquicker / Stripe to your Apple or Android Wallet or ACH Bank Transfer

  • Data is sold to companies for advertising, analytics, and research at fair market value and you get a portion of the revenue in return

  • Payments take up to 5-7 business days

  • Other ways to earn include surveys, referring people, and playing games (Android only)

  • You can get earn up to $25 per month

  • Option to become a Tapestri brand affiliate for a small yearly subscription fee

    • Used to cover the costs of data processing necessary to provide commissions to Brand Affiliates

    • You earn $1 for every person invited on your first and second tier

    • Every month, you will earn an additional $1 for each active member referred

  • For US residents: If you earn at least $600 within a year, you’ll be sent a 1099 (most likely an NEC) to file for your tax returns

  • Warning: No multiple accounts are allowed

  • A list of supported countries can be found on the FAQs page which currently includes countries from North America, Africa, Australia, Asia as well as remote island countries

The Review:

So I’d like to note that I don’t travel a lot nor use data unless it’s for emergencies only, especially at points of interest, so my earnings are low.

So if you travel a lot or take more walks around the neighborhood than me (I do this less than once a week), you can expect to earn more significantly than me.

I haven’t been able to cash out yet, but I would like for Tapestri to add more features to the app that could enhance the experience, such as adding goals other than surveys cause there’s an oversaturated market of apps that have that.

For FAQs about Tapestri, click here.


[Web3] (Available on iOS and Android)

Launched in early 2019, COIN is a mobile app that enables you to earn COIN for validating geospatial location data with 4 different modes for earning:

  • Open exploration

  • Gamified travel

  • Physical exercise

  • Mental exercise (game)

You'll love that you're helping the XYO network grow larger by anonymously contributing data.

It verifies if the location you are at is authentic, so you can get rewarded for it.

I believe we should do our part to make the world a better place by helping people find lost items and verify package deliveries based on this data.

So come on. You're getting rewarded for traveling and resting in one place. You can pick up your relatives while going out to eat while you're at it.

So download the app below and earn 1000 COIN when you sign up with the link below.

You don't want to start with 100 COIN as I did...


  • You can earn 100,000 COIN in a year with just the free plan if you manage to use it almost every single day

    • You can redeem 10,000 COIN for XYO which will be fairly quick (if used with a SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC)

  • You can earn 12x rewards using a SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC

  • You can earn at least 100 COIN, more or less, every week depending on how frequently you mine i.e. 4x multiplier = ~ 400 COIN

  • You can have multiple accounts that use one SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC

  • The amount of space required to verify your location is about the size of a school lecture hall that can seat about 500 students (see picture below)

  • You can earn more XYO / COIN for:

    • Surveys

    • Scans for sponsored products depending on the grocery store you visit

    • Visiting points of interest in your area which includes various types of stores

    • Installing apps

    • Verifying your business data

    • Listening to audio ads

  • Max supply: 14 billion

  • Current Supply: 8.3 billion (as of 05/2021)


  • You will have to replace the battery for SentinelX BLE in about a year, more or less. The battery used is CR3032 so I recommend buying in bulk to save time from delivery the next time the battery dies

    • I recommend getting the Panasonic CR3032 3-Pack Battery

    • I don't recommend getting the CR3032 battery from Loopacell as the only of the only other CR3032 battery manufacturers. The battery lasted much less longer than I expected than the one that was already in the SentinelX BLE when it was shipped to me.

  • Redeeming COIN for Bitcoin or Ethereum is extremely hard since the prices for those two coins keep going up over time

  • SentinelX NFC can disconnect sometimes since it's not using any electricity nor Bluetooth technology

  • Premium plans can be expensive if you're not moving around a lot

  • Does not work on a device without GPS capabilities (i.e. Amazon Fire Tablet)

  • Only one device per account at a time (otherwise risk forfeiting all your COIN you've accumulated and having your account terminated)

  • Using without the SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC is extremely slow. The only real reward you get is the Geodrop on Thursday, GMT +0 for how many times you've geomined within a week which can be more or less

Other Notes:

  • The amount of XYO tokens you can redeem after geomining 10,000 COIN continues to decrease over time the longer you wait (or increase if there's a crypto crash)

The Review:

After using COIN App for 3+ years, I'd say it's an okay way to generate a source of passive income whether you're at home (me) or on the go (highly recommended), which you would be earning more than me

And based on people's experiences, answering surveys will get you the most COIN, as well as being the most time-consuming task to do.

I've read somewhere online that a person managed to earn around 800,000 COIN in a month through surveys.

But if you value your time, there are other ways, such as signing up for offers, scanning products, visiting stores, etc.

As for getting started on earning COIN passively, my recommendation is to:

  • Buy a cheap smartphone that can download and support the app

  • Keep it on 24/7 with the screensaver turned off (for less energy consumption

  • Position it (for Androids) in a way that doesn't overheat the phone and hopefully, not have a swollen battery in the future

If you want to earn it actively, you can use the app on your current phone.

As for redeeming, I highly recommend XYO tokens for the higher ROI in the future as it goes up in price compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum and because they're a lot easier to redeem.

You can redeem XYO tokens to an exchange that supports it or ERC-20 tokens, such as KuCoin (which contains network fees to send) or Coinbase (which contains no network fees to send).

I want to get my 1,000 COIN bonus!

(The amount of COIN is subject to change in the future depending how high the price of the token is at the time)

For a free SentinelX NFC Device, click here.

For FAQs about COIN App, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

If you don't have a Coinbase account yet, you can sign up by clicking here. After signing up, if you buy or sell $100 USD or more in crypto within 180 days, we'll both receive $10 in free Bitcoin.

But if you would like to sign up for KuCoin instead and trade cryptocurrencies that Coinbase doesn't have on their exchange, you can sign up by clicking here.


(Available worldwide on iOS and Android (or website) except in countries that don’t support crypto [or any country that threaten the safety of the US ¯\_(ツ)_/¯]

A project created by the contribution of over 30 experts, entrepreneurs, and crypto-enthusiasts, DOOR+ is a service that allows you to earn cryptocurrency for engaging with news articles as part of the Web3 ecosystem.

Compared to Web2 centralized ad networks like Facebook and Google selling your data to the highest bidder, DOOR+ fixes this by directly connecting you with bidders and putting money back into your hands.

Okay, I admit this is almost like Invisibly that I mentioned in part 1 of this post, except that you also get rewarded for searching for products and services.


  • Earning DOOR tokens is super simple. You can either:

    • View the news article

    • Answer simple questions while scrolling down your feed

    • Like or dislike articles (unsure whether this type of engagement will earn you tokens or not)

  • App is mostly user-friendly


  • Filtering by categories should be improved since I had to click on one category in order to look for a certain category

  • Gas (transaction) fees for transferring your DOOR tokens out of the Ethereum blockchain

  • Limit to how recent the news articles are

  • Using the web version doesn’t open the news article to a new tab

  • Needs more sources for news in other categories

  • Lacks a customizable news feed

Other Notes:

  • Your rewards are updated every hour for your activity and deposited into your rewards wallet the day after

  • Not all categories are shown such as Cars or [Fashion] Style which can be found by clicking on the Luxe category so you would have to find the hidden ones in the main categories provided

  • Searching for products is not yet ready

  • You’re responsible for paying any taxes from selling DOOR tokens and not DOOR+ as a company

  • Apparently, you can’t use DOOR+ if you’re located in a country that is subject to a U.S. government embargo or that has been designated by the U.S. government as a “terrorist supporting” country

  • For any legal disclaimers about DOOR token regarding its price and cyber attacks, you can click on this link

  • The information they collect from their privacy policy is most likely boilerplate language since it hasn't been updated in over a year and the contact information is outdated

The Review:

Other than the limit of categories, sources, and articles shown on your newsfeed, it’s a solid app for earning crypto by viewing news articles while feeding the algorithm with what you’re interested in.

Unlike Invisibly where you spent points to unlock articles (and the lack of news sources), you receive points for viewing articles instead (along with various news sources).

My few complaints with this app are:

  • The lack of news sources for specific categories

  • How far it goes back (the past 24 hours based on my observations unless there’s a lack of recent articles)

For example, in gaming from the Fun section, there are only two sources to get your news: Kotaku and Game Informer.

There's no Polygon, IGN, etc., which is quite disappointing for me.

You can also search for local businesses.

But it’s nothing like Yelp or Google where you can see how they’re rated instantly until you click on more details about them.

Searching for products is not yet ready, but I’m expecting something like Amazon or eBay.

But overall, I like this app for getting paid to engage with various content that’s already out there.

Use the code 3400Leon

For FAQs on DOOR+, click here.


Get My Slice

(UK Only [for now], available on iOS and Android)

Get My Slice is a mobile app that helps you extract value from your digital footprint in a secure and anonymous way.

This app works by matching you with personalized offers or giving you generic cashback rewards from brands that are partnered with Get My Slice when you connect your online accounts like Google or Facebook.

Get My Slice exists because they believe that you’ll get more value from your personal data rather than getting you involved with the middleman that is Big Tech that sells your data to brands.

If and Groupon had a love child, Get My Slice would be that kid that is able to monetize personalized data based off from people’s interests that also includes cashback rewards. But it apparently has a god awful birth defect cause it couldn’t inherit’s ability to ask additional personal questions from people and help people monetize from it for future offers. The good news is that it has a positive genetic mutation that causes you to get numerous offers matched to you all at once instead of’s one offer per day.

But in comparison to those apps and services, Get My Slice is the best app you’ll get if you’re currently a UK resident. So download the app today and start getting your money to where it truly deserves to be: right back in your pockets.


  • Your personal information is kept secure, anonymous, and encrypted while your data is fully protected under GDPR

  • You get rewarded with money which was used as fees towards brands used to connect with you

  • Their partnership with certain brands have led them to plant at least 20 million trees already


  • Many of the offers require a purchase in order for you to earn a reward

  • Rewards can take 1-3 months to receive due to a variety of reasons such as their returns period or the type of offer

    • In very rare cases, brands can take up to 6-9 months to verify the order and make sure it's eligible for payment.

  • Since Get My Slice do have your best interests at hand, they try to reward you as soon as they can

Other Notes:

  • Brands will only contact you if you have shared your contact details with them

  • Option to join Founders Club for early members as a way for you to earn points that can be used for converting to cash, redeem gift cards, plant trees, or enter competitions to win big prizes

    • You get 1000 points for signing up and 2000 points for completing your first offer

    • For each person you invite, you can get an additional 1000 points when they sign up and 2000 points for completing their first offer also

    • You can earn up to a total of 50,000 points with some exceptions for members that may get lucky

  • Founders Club points will have more value in the future as the company grows which is similar to holding onto stocks (except they’re not stocks)

  • There are multiple ways that can prevent you from earning rewards

  • If you want to invoke your right to be forgotten, you will need to delete your account

T̶h̶e̶ ̶R̶e̶v̶i̶e̶w̶ ̶ My Observations:

I don’t have much to say about this app since I’m located in the US that has no experience with it until it’s released here.

Until that happens, I’m just letting you know that this app is here to allow you to earn from your data with chances of earning more than what you paid for from completing their offers.

And apparently, there have been testimonials where people are earning rewards much earlier than 1-3 months which I previously mentioned based on photos from their Instagram page:

For FAQs about Get My Slice, click here.

For FAQs about the Founders Club, click here.


(Available for any country that supports PayPal, only on Windows)

If you've read my previous post which included Honeygain, then this is pretty much exactly that.

If you haven't, please take the time to read it after finishing this post.


  • You may use it if you’re above the age of 13 but only if you are at the legal of maturity of your country of residence.

  • If you are 18 and of legal age of maturity (depending on which country you're from), you may need your parent/guardian’s permission to use Income

  • CPU usage on Income™ is generally pegged at zero


  • You cannot change your email after signing up so you would have to create a new account

  • Not being transparent about their service (more below)

  • $20 USD minimum withdrawal threshold which is pretty high with the rate you're earning at compared to Honeygain

Other Notes:

  • Earning rates for each country are different:

    • Germany, Japan, and the US require sharing 20 GB worth of bandwidth in order to withdraw

    • Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and UK require sharing 40 GB worth of bandwidth in order to withdraw

    • Every other country will require 200 GB worth of bandwidth in order to withdraw

  • Payout is only through PayPal with a minimum requirement of $20

  • Your earned credits will be shown as 0 within the program which is inaccurate so you would have to go to your dashboard on the website to see how much you’ve actually earned so far

  • Only one device per network. Any more than that will slow down your earnings.

  • As long as the computer is on and connected to the internet, Income will run

  • Other OS such as macOS (running Windows via VM), mobile devices, and Linux are currently in development for future availability

  • There are 10 levels of referral earnings you can receive:

    • First level is 25%.

    • Second level is 10%.

    • 3rd and 4th level is 5%

    • 5th through 10th level is 1%

The Review:

At first, I had issues with the program right after I installed it since it kept showing an error when I tried to connect to my account.

After that, the online support was a bit helpful after reinstalling it. But they gave me incorrect information about where the files and folders were located since they were nonexistent in terms of the names.

As for my usage, I haven’t been able to earn much from it, and I thought it was because I was using all the other programs like Honeygain.

But that's not the case.

It's clearly because the program is still in beta according to their terms of service, so I'm not getting the most out of this at the moment. Hence, why it's only available on Windows apart from the bugs.

So is not being completely transparent with us since they don't mention it on the front page.

But that's not all.

They mention you could earn $5-60 a month for using their program, but in reality, a business cannot do that without providing proof.

Furthermore, the Trustpilot reviews for their program shown on their website are fake, and the real ones can be found here and here.

And because how they're advertising their program is illegal in terms of false claims and advertising, I highly suggest reporting them to the FTC regardless of which country you're from.

You can start the report process by clicking here and then clicking on the "Something else" section.

  • Add in

    • The details about the false claims of earning $5-60 a month

    • The fake Trustpilot reviews while adding in the links to the real ones

And I'm not doing this to put them out of business but to help them operate their business the right way and hopefully become more transparent in the future.

At least is realistic about how much you can earn by providing the data for it.

Despite everything I've said about, you can still sign up for Income cause their earning process is legitimate.

I want to get my $5 USD bonus!

For FAQs on Income, click here.


(Available for any country that supports PayPal, downloadable for Windows, Linux, Android)

Same thing as Honeygain and [Spider] Income™. I don't need to say any more than this.


  • Data is used for scientific research and a variety of charitable organizations

  • No personal data is ever collected so no company have access to your private data

  • There will be days where you get a multiplier added onto your earnings such as Pet's Day (April 11th)


  • Registration is only available by linking a Google account

Other Notes:

  • Earning rates for each country are different:

    • US only requires sharing 5 GB worth of bandwidth in order to withdraw

    • Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and UK requires sharing 10 GB worth bandwidth in order to withdraw

    • Every other country requires sharing 25 GB worth of bandwidth in order to withdraw

  • Payout options include PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards






  • Minimum withdrawal to PayPal is $2.50 USD

  • Minimum withdrawal to Amazon is $50 USD.

  • Rates of earning can vary based on geolocation and internet performance

  • Since customers use your IP address, it may be possible for them to see it if they intentionally try to look it up which is very highly unlikely based on the organizations using them

  • Speed of 50mbps and ping under 50ms are best positioned to earn big. A reliable internet connection is essential to route traffic through devices.

  • Enables companies to route their secure traffic through real user devices, which enables them to collect public web data

  • VPN is allowed ONLY if it is residential

  • Only companies are required to submit personal information in order to use their services

  • Referral bonus is 10% of their earnings

  • You will need to check your dashboard for the total amount of earnings since your earnings from mobile devices aren't included in the desktop program

The Review:

After installing this program, I’ve earned money at a much faster rate compared to the other services that require my bandwidth.

But that may be due to being in a good geolocation, so it’s hard to say whether or not you will earn at that same rate.

But with my personal experience, I’d say it’s a pretty good competitor against Honeygain for the rate I’m currently earning.

For FAQs about EarnApp, click here.


(Available for any country, downloadable for Windows, MacOS, Android, Docker Hub [and iOS soon])

Same thing as Honeygain and [Spider] Income™ and EarnApp.


  • Transparent with how our internet connection is being used for (specifically our location and IP information)

  • Requires businesses to go through a KYC process (verifying their identity and legitimacy) to ensure that your internet connection will be safe and secure


  • Doesn't mention the rate you're earning for each GB you upload

Other Notes:

  • All tracked data stored more than 365 days will be permanently deleted

  • Minimum payout is $10 USD

  • You have the options of paying out through:

    • Paypal

    • Payoneer

    • Webmoney

    • Skrill

    • Payeer

    • Bitcoin

    • Wire Transfer ($1000+)

  • There's a list of countries that are restricted from using Traffmonetizer on their Terms of Service but it's a small list but you most likely won't have to worry about it

The Review:

I haven't used Traffmonetizer that long, but it's safe to say that the earning rate is about $0.10 USD per GB based on my calculations from my dashboard.

Since the company is located in Estonia, I would assume that the earning rate would be the same in all countries that aren't restricted.

But I could be wrong about it.

But then Traffmonetizer would need to be explicit about which countries are earning more than others, so ~$0.10 USD per GB, regardless of which country you're from, is a safe assumption to claim.

I want to get my $5 USD bonus!

For FAQs about Traffmonetizer, click here and scroll to the bottom.


(Available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, [and iOS soon])


  • Your personal information is not shared other than your IP address, carrier/ISP, and city needed to operate for this service

  • Program automatically updates by itself


  • Very buggy at the moment

  • Minimum payout is $20 USD

Other Notes:

  • It's still in beta

  • You earn ~$0.20 USD for each GB you share, based on my calculations

  • You get a $5 payout bonus when your referred user completes their first payout

  • 10% lifelong commission from all referred users that sign up

The Review:

Since Repocket launched in June 2022, it's a new program and app that's currently in beta, so there are a lot of bugs at the moment.

Unless you live in North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela, you won't have any issues with earning other than the bugs.

I was reached out by them to try out their program, but I couldn't earn anything for Android when I first installed it.

It wasn't until they released it on Windows that I could finally earn something.

But it's still not much since the earning process is very buggy right now, so I don't have a lot of things to say about it.

As for earning on Android, I'll follow up with you in the future since my phone's battery got swollen, and I need to replace it.

But at least they made an earnings disclaimer page unlike despite both of them being in beta, so Repocket gets some brownie points for it.

My review will continue to be updated once more stable updates of the program are released and replacing the battery on my phone.

I want to get my $5 USD bonus now!

For questions about Repocket, you can check their FAQs by clicking here (also a bit outdated).

If you want to keep up with updates, you can follow their Twitter or join their Discord.


[Web3] (Available worldwide)

Human Data Income is one of the first to create value from your data and gives you back ownership as part of Web3.

They consider themselves the first De-Fi data ecosystem that empowers you to enrich, manage, and monetize your personal data securely and anonymously while getting paid in cryptocurrency, which is the HUDI token.

Since you have full transparency and control over your data, you can feel more comfortable knowing that you can make the most out of it when choosing which organizations can have and use your data.

With De-Fi tools being provided to you, such as staking, liquidity providing, and lending, I believe you will get much more value from monetizing your data in HUDI tokens.

These tokens will grow over time compared to keeping money in a savings account with extremely low-interest rates (now rising because of inflation).

And you get paid royalties as data owners.

That’s the first of its kind.

Usually, you would have to create or invent something like a pet rock or have something copyrighted for that.

That is crazy for us!

So let’s be one of the first people to be part of the data revolution in De-Fi and sign up for Human Data Income!


  • Your personal data is sold under a pseudonymized form as data buyers create and populate audiences by performing a query with parameters provided by you

  • Employs local-only encryption, also known as “host-proof hosting”, which only allows a HUDI user to decrypt and access their data on their local device rather syncing to HUDI servers

  • Also uses military-grade encryption

  • Option to earn in: (currently in development at this time)

    • Active monetization through surveys

    • Passive monetization through advertisements based on your demographic and interests through external platforms such as Facebook and Google while receiving HUDI tokens in return

  • As owners of your personal data, you get paid in royalties (while organizations get paid as data providers)


  • Still early in development so earning opportunities are mostly not made available yet

  • We still don't know what kind of surveys they're going to offer. If they're sponsored, forget about it. Not worth your time unless you have a lot of time.

Other Notes:

  • A maximum supply of 69.420.000,80085 HUDI tokens created

  • In order to access the Monetize and Ambassador pages, you need to reach level 2 verification which is achieved by connecting your Binance (not US) or Coinbase account

  • HUDI is a BEP-20 utility token based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and will be as a means of exchanging the data, to power the ecosystem through all its elements

  • Their Chrome extension allows you to earn HUDI through active and passive means

The Review:

Since Human Data Income is still early in development for earning opportunities, it’s hard to say whether or not it will be successful despite the fact that they have a roadmap visible for you to see which you can find by clicking here.

But it certainly does have value as indicated from CoinGecko:

If you would like to read their white paper, click here.



If you managed to read through the list, I appluade you for taking the time to get through that.

So as I promised, here is the list of personal data compensation services that I'm still waiting to get in and review. Either that or I need to find the time to review or it's really buggy to review right now:

6 Personal Data Compensation Services That I’m Either Currently Reviewing or Have Yet to Review



Datacoup helps people monetize their personal data by connecting to such as your purchase history, social media accounts, health data, and possibly your browsing history also (only shows Firefox in the photo below).

They use blockchain technology for apps and tools so you can easily expect your personal data to be secure, anonymous, and private, along with end-to-end encryption.

By connecting your personal data, you can exchange it for cash, discounts, or cryptocurrency.

Since the latest publication that mentions Datacoup was on August 2021, it shows that they were acquired by ODE since the company was founded in 2012 with years of a lack of development in helping people monetize their data while previously claiming to be the world's first data marketplace which aged very poorly.

I sent them an email about their progress in their development so far.

But there was no reply, so they most likely ghosted me.


(Will be available worldwide)

[Not the actual logo since they changed it and it's a hassle to ask permission to use it because it's literally a green-colored fingerprint. Designed by Pixel perfect.]

Datacy is a browser extension that collects your browsing data with onnly your permission which has multi-layer security and anonymizes your data while being fully transparent with how they operate.

You’re given the option to control what domains such as Google and brands can use your data. If you don’t want them to use it, you have the option to restrict and delete the data that you’ve collected from browsing.

You also have the option to decide how your data should be used by connecting Datacy to various apps to maximize your earning potential for:

  • Product development

  • Trend analysis

  • Product research

  • Market research

Unfortunately, Datacy has not shown us what kind of apps we can connect to yet.



DataEarn allows you to do four things with your data:

  • See which companies have access to your data

  • Helps you protect your data by giving you the option of opting out of selling your personal information and deleting your data from unwanted companies

  • Analyzes your data to help you understand where your data comes from and the value of it

  • Ability to upload your data and monetize it by earning discounts and rewards with various companies

When you use DataEarn, you’ll be able to see your digital footprint through DataCards. DataCards will allow you to see which companies are tracking and collecting your data such as Reddit, Pinterest, Spotify, Venmo, or Uber.

And with the DataStore, I haven't received any bids for my data yet. I'll let you and post screenshots once I get paid.

For now, you can upload data from:

  • Snapchat

  • Facebook (delete the messages folder once you download and unzip your data due to its size)

  • Instagram

  • Uber

  • Spotify

  • YouTube

  • TikTok


(Most likely to be available worldwide)

Vana is a data marketplace where you can create value from your personal information while giving you the choice of what to share, who to share it with, and how much you want to be paid for.

To start earning, you would have to join a campaign submitted by organizations that shows a list of tasks to complete.

You can enhance your data through quizzes, swipe preferences (for clothing, as far as I can tell), and a list of actions to take, such as accepting requests to share your music data from Spotify.

After completing your campaign, you can earn Amazon gift cards or cUSD cryptocurrency (stablecoins that follow the US dollar and depreciate over time like the US dollar due to inflation).

Although you can buy products with cUSD, sell cUSD for your country’s currency, or exchange it for a different cryptocurrency, you also have the option to stake it which is an extremely low-risk way to earn interest on cUSD over time and offers a much higher rate than a savings account at a bank.

Other options involve more high-risk, high rewards such as lending and especially, yield-farming, I am not a financial advisor, so anything I say should not be taken as financial advice other than the fact that you should do your own research first.

All the data you collect will be kept in a secure and private database where one of the largest organizations in the world won’t be able to touch or see it.

My only issue with Vana is that they’re using a .xyz TLD instead of using .com as their main TLD. The .xyz TLD is generally known to be used by spammy websites, which Google downranks on their search results or you won't find them in the search results at all since Google penalized them for it.

I’m not saying that is a spammy website.

But the .xyz TLD generally has a bad reputation, so I'm hoping they switch back to as their primary domain.


I'm in the beta, but I had a hard time reviewing it since my ISP (Spectrum) is somehow blocking me from connecting my Spotify account with Vana.

I used Charter Communications from a relative's house which allowed me to connect my Spotify account and allowed me to answer a ridiculously long survey until I reconnected to Spectrum again.

Spectrum blocked me again...

Do not use Spectrum when connecting to Vana.

For FAQs about Vana, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Other Notes:

  • For every 3 people that you refer to sign up with Vana, you get $10 USD each time.



[Web3] (Will be available worldwide)

Tiki’s purpose is to change the data ecosystem by creating the world’s first free market for data where people have complete ownership of their data and can either sell it, license it, destroy it, and other options as well.

Since the final product will be a mobile app, your data while using Tiki will be encrypted to the point that not even Tiki themselves will be able to access it,

All you have to do is link your accounts such as Facebook and Google. After that process is finished, you can either swipe left to turn off tracking or swipe right to get paid for it.

When you sell your data, it’s sold anonymously in a decentralized manner that can’t be traced back to you or used to identify you in any way.

And although data ownership from Tiki will be in the form of NFTs which can be a controversial topic to a lot of people, this video from Tiki was made to help you understand which you can watch by clicking here though they said there’s no guarantee it will help.

But I did make an infographic on the misconceptions on cryptocurrencies and NFTs which will more likely help you give you a better understanding than Tiki’s video which you can find in one of my posts by clicking here.

You can use that and Tiki’s video together to help you get a full grasp of understanding what NFTs actually are other than them actually being JPEGs and video clips.


I've downloaded the beta app but haven't gotten around to using it due to complications with my phone (physically bricked and getting it replaced) + finding the time to review it.

The FAQs on Tiki can be read on their medium page by clicking here (though it’s slightly a bit outdated in my opinion).


[Web3] (Will be available worldwide)

Using the power of Web3 technology, DECA allows you to properly get paid for the data you properly own and produce whenever you use the internet.

The idea is simple: the more data you share, the more DECA Tokens you get. You'll be able to spend your tokens anywhere from Web2, to the metaverse, etc.

And you can manage your data just like any other portfolio such as:

  • Earning recurring rewards forever

  • Holding & trading your DECA

  • Cashing in or watching your DECA grow

You'll be able to spend your tokens your way, even if it's stupid! (Which I hope you don't)

We both get 1,000 DECA Tokens at launch!


Final Words

Overall, signing up for most of these services would be great, not only just for yourself but for other people as well since you're letting data buyers know that you're setting trends together as a community instead of individually.

But I wouldn't say the same for a bunch of startups getting involved in this type of industry.

I’m noticing that there are two common issues among them.

First, there’s a pattern where these companies are transitioning away from monetizing your data with fiat money (USD, Euros, etc.) to Web3 cryptocurrencies.

It’s understandable that they would transition from that.

People’s data are worthless unless there’s a huge population of people for certain groups that makes it easy to target, such as ads.

These startups end up losing money because the amount of data sold isn’t sustainable enough that would allow them to continue running the company (examples: Solipay, Ozone).

The only company that has been able to do this successfully is Tartle.

They’re focused on gathering people's data worldwide instead of a specific country and they’re responsive to my emails.

The one other exception is mePrism, which transitioned from a data marketplace to a business model for helping remove people's personal information from data brokers.

They did this due to the current privacy laws in the US that prevent them from helping you monetize your data.

Once the marketplace changes and key privacy laws are passed, only then will mePrism bring back the data marketplace since they put a lot of effort into the features in the app (via an email response I received).

Even though it is important for people to get compensated for their personal data, I think it's more important for these companies to make people feel as if we're not a product for their service that they're providing to us.

In other words, it's important that we're being treated like actual humans who understand our problems.

That leads into my second issue: poor marketing and communication.

I'll mention it again in reference to a previous blog post I've written that connecting people with EQ, empathy, and correct forms of communication are crucial to a company's success, which involves creating a more personal connection with individuals.

If the employees of a startup:

  • Create miscommunication without even knowing it

  • Make the conversation feel like they're pulling information out of the FAQs section

The company is bound to have a bunch of trouble with development and making our data more valuable to buyers.

There are neurobiological-psychological aspects I could explain that affects not only companies but also in daily life, if there is enough demand for me to write about it.

And if you're a person or multiple individuals that plan on creating a service for compensating personal data for money, then you'd better be taking good notes on this.

I don't want you making the same mistakes and frustrating people with terrible responses in customer support along with troubled development while you’re at it.

A trend I’m see while researching all of this is companies that don't or barely interact with their customer base (and building a community around it) are usually the ones that grow and develop the slowest (or die) either because:

  • They’re not open to constructive criticism

  • Their hubris prevents them from growing

  • The lack of a community

  • The existence of a large community but the lack of interaction (example: UBDI)

They could have the most awesome product or service available on the market but if they can't communicate properly, no one's going to want to use it.

When it comes to business, marketing + good communication > product.

That's how business works unfortunately.

An example of this would be Red Bull.

It’s a terrible tasting energy drink but they’ve got great marketing that allows them to grow as a company, especially their slogan.

A startup that has an okay product but great marketing would’ve grown easily.

And because of that issue, there were actually services I've decided not to list.

I've tested them and found out that they were not worth your time in investing.

There were a lot of issues or one giant issue behind the scenes as a result of poor communication or the lack of one and refusing to fix the issues.

(I placed trackers when I've sent emails to developers to see if they opened it or not.)

And excuse my certain interactions across both of my posts if you found any of them weird. It's my way to appeal to different personality types in people.



For part 1 of my post, 19 Legitimate Ways on How to Make Money From Your Data, click here.

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Brave automatically blocks everything intrusive for you when you start using it [thanks to the former CEO of Mozilla Corporation (Firefox) who created Brave] and is considered to be the most private browser compared to Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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