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19 Legitimate Ways on How to Make Money From Your Data (2023) [Part 1]

This post contains affiliate links. If I don't mention this part, the FTC will probably come after me like an IRS agent.

It's problematic that our data is part of a $260 billion (USD) industry.

They won't give us a cut since we're voluntarily giving away our personal information for free.

We continue skipping pages of the user agreement and clicking "I agree" for convenience so we can immediately use a company's services.

And what do we get in return?

Big tech companies are cyberstalking us.

They collect and sell our data to various companies and brokers to give us targeted ads and personalized recommendations.

That's not even the worse part.

They're even collecting data about our health and selling it to hospitals, which is supposed to be confidential and also illegal.

Data about our health is the one thing we can't change about ourselves.

It's worth at least 10 times more than our social security numbers by cybercriminals. It's complete identity theft.

While I can't make all your online data yours again, I can help you get a portion of your cut from the existing data with the options to sell it or not.

I will be going through with you what these 16 services / mobile apps offer for you in detail and how you'll be able to get paid for selling your personal data.

I will also provide you with 3 other decentralized services, making it a total of 19, which offer many advantages over the 16 other services.

16 Services / Mobile Apps Paying You for Your Data

3 Decentralized Services Paying You for Your Data

There is a link to part 2 of this post by clicking here and again at the end of this post.

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