Origin Story

Michael Leon is a current student at University of California, Irvine. He is currently majoring in biology with plans originally on becoming a pharmacist. However, he has plans to go into other fields as well such as film and acting.




Detailed biography:

After an incident that happened after my freshman year in high school, my mind had regressed to a more child-like mindset. As I was on Youtube that summer, I was watching Behind-the-scenes for one of Wong Fu Production’s videos and dance performances from Quest Crew for the ISA LA concert in 2010. Because of the state I was in, I became eager to learn more about filmmaking and dance; this was the moment my passion in film and dance ignited within myself.


Over those years, I kept watching videos on Youtubers that get involved with film such as Freddie Wong, Corridor Digital, and devinsupertramp to see how the process of film is made. With their personalities, these people really created a lot of fun that are put into their videos.They have inspired me to go onto a different route instead of my original route which is pharmacy.


Meanwhile, Steve Terada became a role model for me in the field of dance because he was able to utilize both martial arts and breakdancing and mixing them both together to create a different kind of art. I had years of experience in Tae-Kwan-Do so I had a pretty good place to start. But I didn’t want to use martial arts (using my dad’s excuse) as a way to stay healthy and exercise. I wanted something more in my life that actually has a meaning to continuing these activities and strive for myself to become a better person. Thus, I made a vow to myself that I will learn how to trick (extreme martial arts) someday.

As time continued to pass, I managed to become my own person—something that didn’t involve any influence from my dad but with what I’ve discovered on my own. As I continued along this path, I took the time to learn how to edit videos, create visual effects, and up to working with CGI in 3DS Max and Maya. Just simply taking the time to expand my creativity changed my personality; this was something I wanted for a very long time. Eventually, I went from a complete introvert to an ambivert (extroverted introvert and possibly turning into an introverted extrovert).




Despite the huge contrast in the education I’m pursuing, I continue to strive in learning more about film. As Niko from Corridor Digital once said, it is better to learn [film] by yourself rather than get a degree in it because you are driven by that self-motivation which you could do so much more.