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13 Services You Can Use for Mining Coins With Low Energy (2023)

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Do you remember when Bitcoin mining used to be sustainable and energy-efficient?

Me neither.

I've read that you could mine Bitcoin with a simple home computer back in 2010, so it didn't use a lot of electricity back in the day.

Now, there are blockchains out there that tackle the issues of Bitcoin and any other blockchains that negatively affect the environment.

Yet, there are still people who believe that cryptocurrencies and NFTs are generally terrible for the environment.

This led me to create a brief infographic that tackles the issue of misinformation and concerns that people have:

(Please note that the information on Ethereum is outdated now that the merge has been completed)

The entire infographic can be seen at the end of this post. Please share either of these infographics to reduce the amount of misinformation out there.

And even though at least 40% of the mining comes from renewable energy (2021 data), people still use the Proof-of-Work consensus instead of the Proof-of-Stake consensus despite its environmental impact.

They chose privacy because Proof-of-Work is technically more decentralized than Proof-of-Stake.

Although there's nothing we can do about those people, there are no signs of Bitcoin going down long-term like the S&P 500, and that will drive more people to jump deep into the crypto rabbit hole.

But first, you would need to be guided before you jump into that rabbit hole with a small taste of the crypto industry with services you can use without emptying your wallet or negatively impacting the environment.


The 13 Services for Mining Cryptocurrencies With Low Energy Consumption

There are multiple cloud mining services where you pay a monthly fee without mining from your computer.

But we're not here to look at that.

We're looking for more alternatives that are free, easy to use without any knowledge of coding, and/or that don't require a monthly subscription, especially for those with no experience working with mining rigs.

Here are the 8 apps and services I'll briefly go through with you and 5 long-term projects currently in progress that aren't listed on an exchange yet. Good things happen to those who wait:

8 Crypto Apps and Services