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13 Services You Can Use for Mining Coins With Low Energy (2023)

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosure here.

This includes any links related to crypto. Yes, the FTC cares if I earn anything in crypto so you can ask the non-believers in crypto why the IRS wants that "make-believe" money every year.

Do you remember when Bitcoin mining used to be sustainable and energy-efficient?

Me neither.

I've read that you could mine Bitcoin with a simple home computer back in 2010, so it didn't use a lot of electricity back in the day.

Now, there are blockchains out there that tackle the issues of Bitcoin and any other blockchains that negatively affect the environment.

Yet, there are still people who believe that cryptocurrencies and NFTs are generally terrible for the environment.

This led me to create a brief infographic that tackles the issue of misinformation and concerns that people have:

(Please note that the information on Ethereum is outdated now that the merge has been completed)

The entire infographic can be seen at the end of this post. Please share either of these infographics to reduce the amount of misinformation out there.

And even though at least 40% of the mining comes from renewable energy (2021 data), people still use the Proof-of-Work consensus instead of the Proof-of-Stake consensus despite its environmental impact.

They chose privacy because Proof-of-Work is technically more decentralized than Proof-of-Stake.

Although there's nothing we can do about those people, there are no signs of Bitcoin going down long-term like the S&P 500, and that will drive more people to jump deep into the crypto rabbit hole.

But first, you would need to be guided before you jump into that rabbit hole with a small taste of the crypto industry with services you can use without emptying your wallet or negatively impacting the environment.


The 13 Services for Mining Cryptocurrencies With Low Energy Consumption

There are multiple cloud mining services where you pay a monthly fee without mining from your computer.

But we're not here to look at that.

We're looking for more alternatives that are free, easy to use without any knowledge of coding, and/or that don't require a monthly subscription, especially for those with no experience working with mining rigs.

Here are the 8 apps and services I'll briefly go through with you and 5 long-term projects currently in progress that aren't listed on an exchange yet. Good things happen to those who wait:

8 Crypto Apps and Services

And lastly, I'll finish things off with 2 apps / services + any specific apps that fit certain criteria to avoid, plus with some final words.


(Available on Windows, iOS, and Android)

Built from Chromium, CryptoTab Browser is made for everyday use along with mining Bitcoin without harming your computer or CPU.

So you'll love that this is a more environmentally-friendly alternative that can take of the planet compared to having an expensive mining rig that can cost $1000-2500 USD minimum.

I believe you'll find more value using this browser compared to using Google Chrome where Google sells off your data [to the government] without any monetary compensation for you while taking up too much memory from your RAM and slowing down your computer.

You can expect a low energy bill from this while avoiding Big Brother known as Google.

Seriously, you won't like it when Google follows you around the web and gives you suggestions on what to buy.

So what are you waiting for?

Download this browser today before you'll earn even less Bitcoin just because the price went up again (or more Bitcoin if the economy is going through a recession).


  • Fast and lightweight

  • Mining rate is easily adjustable

  • No damage to your computer, phone, or CPU

  • Withdraw your BTC to a wallet at any time

  • Able to use multiple devices at once

  • 10 level referral system

  • Ability to sync everything with your Google account (should you choose to do so) along with any Chrome extensions

  • Easy source for passive income



(Available on iOS and Android)

Launched in early 2019, COIN is a mobile app that enables you to earn COIN for validating geospatial location data with 4 different modes for earning:

  • Open exploration

  • Gamified travel

  • Physical exercise

  • Mental exercise (game)

You'll love that you're helping the XYO network grow larger by anonymously contributing data.

It verifies if the location you are at is authentic, so you can get rewarded for it.

I believe we should do our part to make the world a better place by helping people find lost items and verify package deliveries based on this data.

So come on. You're getting rewarded for traveling and resting in one place. You can pick up your relatives while going out to eat while you're at it.

So download the app below and earn 1000 COIN when you sign up with the link below.

You don't want to start with 100 COIN as I did...


  • You can earn 100,000 COIN in a year with just the free plan if you manage to use it almost every single day

    • You can redeem 10,000 COIN for XYO which will be fairly quick (if used with a SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC)

  • You can earn 12x rewards using a SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC

  • You can earn about at least 100 COIN, more or less, every week depending on how frequent you mine i.e. 4x multiplier = ~ 400 COIN

  • You can have multiple accounts that use one SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC

  • The amount of space required to verify your location is about the size of a school lecture hall that can seat about 500 students (see picture below)

  • You can earn more XYO / COIN for:

    • Surveys

    • Scans for sponsored products depending on the grocery store you visit

    • Visiting points of interest in your area which includes various types of stores

    • Installing apps

    • Verifying your business data

    • Listening to audio ads

  • Max supply: 14 billion

  • Current Supply: 8.3 billion (as of 05/2021)


  • You will have to replace the battery for SentinelX BLE in about a year, more or less. The battery used is CR3032 so I recommend buying in bulk to save time from delivery the next time the battery dies

    • I recommend getting the Panasonic CR3032 3-Pack Battery

    • I don't recommend getting the CR3032 battery from Loopacell as the only of the only other CR3032 battery manufacturers. The battery lasted less longer than I expected than the one that was already in the SentinelX BLE when it was shipped to me.

  • Redeeming COIN for Bitcoin or Ethereum is extremely hard since the prices for those two coins keep going up over time

  • SentinelX NFC can disconnect sometimes since it's not using any electricity nor Bluetooth technology

  • Premium plans can be expensive if you're not moving around a lot

  • Does not work on a device without GPS capabilities (i.e. Amazon Fire Tablet)

  • Only one device per account at a time (otherwise risk forfeiting all your COIN you've accumulated and having your account terminated)

  • Using without the SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC is extremely slow. The only real reward you get is the Geodrop on Thursday, GMT +0 for how many times you've geomined within a week which can be more or less

Other Notes:

  • The amount of XYO tokens you can redeem after geomining 10,000 COIN continues to decrease over time the longer you wait (or increase if there's a crypto crash)

I want to get 1000 COIN for free after signing up!

(Amount of COIN subject to change in the future depending how high the price of the token is at the time)


Cloud Earning FONE

[Rebranded From Phoneum] (Android only (iOS currently unavailable at this time)

Cloud Earning FONE is one of the first mobile-only apps that includes cloud-mining services for free and premium plans to increase your mining rate.

Its purpose is to offset carbon emissions and contribute to other various environmental causes.

So if you're looking for something easy to mine while helping the planet, you would love this app.

Since FONE is built on the Solana blockchain (originally built on the Tron blockchain), transactions are fast.

So I believe it does have potential since its mining rate is reduced by 10 FONE for each 250 million FONE that goes into circulation so that it adjusts for inflation.

Graph of how the total PHT (now FONE) in circulation will be reduced once reached.

Current FONE supply in circulation: close to 10 billion.

All it takes is 2-3 taps to start mining.

Have a little fun with it and play some games offered by FONE and earn more FONE along the way.

If you can't take 5-10 seconds to start earning FONE on your phone, this app probably isn't for you.

So download it and start earning before the mining rate drops even lower.


  • Earn FONE every week. Just set it and forget about it for 7 days until the notification on your phone pops up.

  • No need to be constantly connected to the internet since it is cloud-based mining

  • Has staking rewards

  • You can earn more FONE by doing offers or surveys

  • Has FONE games which you can redeem or earn NFTs instead


  • iOS app was taken down due to Apple. There currently aren't any updates when it will be back up on the App Store again.

  • Staking rewards start once you have 15,000 FONE at a minimum of 1% for 30 days

  • VIP (Premium) plans can be expensive

  • Only available to withdraw on LAToken Exchange for USDT (Tether).

Other Notes:

  • Max supply: 10 billion

    • Current supply: Close to 10 billion now

Use the code 7we2dvdn to get an extra 200 FONE when you sign up!

If you don't have an Android, you can download Bluestacks instead as an Android emulator and install Cloud Earning FONE on there via uploading an apk of it.


Nebula Stars Anthill

(Available only on Android)

Nebula is a cloud mining app currently exclusive to Android devices.

It uses the Solana blockchain to distribute Nebula Stars Anthill (NSA) tokens for mining on the app.

This project's purpose is to give you fast offline NFC payments (such as Apply Pay and Google Pay e-wallets) between mobile devices or terminals with cheap fees for the future.

And if you want to earn a bunch of NSA tokens fast compared to Bitcoin cloud mining, you would like this app.

I believe that Nebula can have the potential to be a giant project using the Solana blockchain.

So if you're in a rush to pay at whichever store you are in and feel uneasy about it, Nebula would instantly help finish that transaction in less than a second.

So start downloading this app now cause you're missing out on this awesome cryptocurrency project!


  • Earning a good amount of NBL tokens is easy (for now)

  • No terms of use which means your account can't be taken down unless it's inactive for a while


  • A bunch of bugs may appear on certain Android devices since it is still a fairly new app that recently went into public beta

  • Inactive accounts will be purged each month

  • NSA token is currently only listed in private decentralized exchanges which reflects its price value

  • No responses from the developer when I emailed them nor did they read it

Other Notes:

  • Even though there is no white paper yet or if they never create a white paper, at least the solution that they're bringing is clear



(Available on desktop, iOS and Android, Worldwide except in the US region]

Stormgain is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in the UK where you can exchange the fiat money of your country for USDT and trade it with various cryptocurrencies for low fees.

It also offers a free cloud mining service where you can mine Bitcoin for 4 hours.

I believe that using Stormgain's cloud miner is one of the best ways to earn Bitcoin with minimal use of electricity and carbon emissions.

If you like the idea of earning more from cloud mining every day, Stormgain offers premium plans where you can adjust how much you can earn each day.

But if you buy the best premium plan for Stormgain, you'll love that you're helping yourself, your family, and every living thing on this planet by massively reducing carbon emissions with your phone.

So create a Stormgain account today and go to the cloud mining section on your desktop or smartphone and start mining for 4 hours idly with ease.


  • Minimal use of electricity, especially if you're using a smartphone

  • Mining is super easy after you've created your account


  • You would have to activate cloud mining every 4 hours which can be a hassle for some people

  • Mined funds can only be traded for USDT

  • Requires a minimum amount of 10 USDT ($10 USD) in order to trade

For FAQs on how Stormgain's cloud miner works, please click here.



(Available on iOS and Android)

GeoCash is an app that uses a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem as part of GeoDB.

By participating in their ecosystem, GeoDB returns monetary value by rewarding you with GEO Tokens.

Instead of mining on your PC, this app helps you earn using data on your phone, such as locations, battery levels, and device information, without personal identification attached to it.

The data gets put into a decentralized network instead of being part of a $260 billion big data industry.

Not only is GeoDB GDPR compliant and its blockchain highly secure and private, but you'll love that your shared data is now compensated as it should be.

I believe this app is a massive step towards replacing the current centralized data marketplace with partners such as Chainlink and Ocean Protocol.

So if you want compensation for an insane amount of apps installed on your phone, GeoCash can do that for you.

So let's install this app and make this world a better place by helping other people get compensated for their data.


  • Ability to make as many wallets as you want

  • You can earn a lot more than others if you tend to travel a lot

  • Shares data on locations, battery levels, device information, telephony signals detected and the list of applications installed on your device

  • Max supply capped at 350 billion tokens

    • At least 7 million tokens in circulation


  • Listed only on a few exchanges

  • Unknown approximation of how many GEO are currently in circulation right now

  • There is a one year term of service with the user and GeoDB according to their updated Terms of Service via their app

    • It can be renewed since there is a 1 month prior notice

  • You would need a small amount of BNB (Binance Coin) to cover the withdrawal fees

  • The process of restoring your wallet is terrible

  • You may lose your wallet due to some update that GeoDB made

    • This has happened twice to me: once for a major update and another for a random update

  • Buggy at the moment since the app hasn't been updated in months

Other Notes:

  • You may occasionally receive surveys that take up 10 seconds of your time to earn 1 GEO

More details on GeoCash can be found on their website by clicking here.

If you would like to read their White Paper, click here. For FAQs, click here.

Be sure to use the code ITSMHL_BCR7JS when you create your wallet to receive an amount of GEO as a starting bonus instead of 0

(Amount of GEO rewarded varies depending on the price of GEO at the time).


Helium Miner

(Available on iOS and Android in addition to separate equipment you may or may not have to buy)

Helium, often called The People's Network, is a mobile app where you can mine HNT using small equipment without the need to build an expensive PC.

Instead of using Proof-of-Work, which is how Bitcoin and most energy-inefficient coins are mined, their devices use radio waves that provide Proof-of-Coverage.

It's much like individual mini cell towers in people's homes that connect with other devices to send encrypted data that is secure and private.

Essentially, you're getting paid for doing almost nothing except plugging in a Helium miner, sold by an authorized company, onto an electrical outlet.

So I believe Helium can be sustainable for everyday use by people long-term.

This device can give you an awesome source of passive income for you.

And you'll love that a Helium miner consumes only 5 Watts.

The electricity bill for that device would be $0.01-0.02 USD per day, so you don't need to worry about those carbon emissions.

So if you would like to get started right away, then you can:

  • Buy a Helium Hotspot Miner from a list of devices approved by the Helium community by clicking here OR

  • Find a hosting program that offers you a miner for free (if possible) in exchange for a percentage of HNT rewards after mining each month

Note that the mining difficulty has increased to the point where it may or may not take a few years to earn back the money from buying a miner, a few of the reasons due to people that try to abuse the system that result in them getting significantly higher rewards while other people suffer with significantly lower rewards which will cause a disastrous effect on the Helium ecosystem.

Due to this issue, I would recommend that you can choose to join a hosting program and get your Helium Hotspot miner for free instead. The only catch is that the hosting program gets a percentage of your earnings.

I highly recommend using Hotspot Share (if they're still around) since your commission for mining HNT with them is 50% while getting a miner for free without paying for any shipping costs.^

^You may or may not have to submit a W-9 form to the company to receive a 1099-NEC for your taxes if you have received over $600 USD in rewards for the current calendar year.

But if you signed up with a different hosting program that withdraws a portion of the HNT you mined for PayPal cash instead, then you will have to fill out Form 1099-MISC if you've earned at least $600.

Hosting Programs to Avoid for Mining Helium

You would want to avoid Emrit.

They previously paid 20% HNT rewards for shipping a miner for free.

Now, they pay 50% HNT rewards if you pay $199 for it upfront.

Any other hosting programs that pay you less than that or requires to pay a miner that gives you less than 100% of the mining rewards is most likely not worth it.

Emrit, in particular, has one of the worst customer service experiences I've ever encountered in my life.

I registered an account with Emrit at the beginning of 2021 and tried to verify my phone number with a different email since I used an alias email for registration.

Since I've put an email tracker on it, they've read and ignored my email.

I sent them a follow-up email which they ignored again.

This is a text message I received nearly 8 months later:

Not only is Emrit extremely slow and terrible at replying to people that are interested in their services, they've waited several months until they got back to me.

A business like this shouldn't even exist in the first place if they're going to treat people like this.

You may have seen this ad on Facebook where you can apply to have a Coolspot miner delivered to your home for free at no cost while earning $100 per year.

This has got to be one of the biggest scams I've ever seen involving a Helium miner.

You're receiving about $8.33 instead of a median $100 per month with Hotspot Share.

That means your commission is about 4% or less while CoastFi keeps at least 96% of your earnings.

If you want to sign up with Hotspot Share (available only in North America for now), you would have to email them at support (at) since their website isn't functional at the moment along with inactive social media accounts with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Full address, city, zip code, country

  • Phone number

  • Highest story home or building you will be placing your hotspot

  • The referral code ItsMHL

  • Other notes: You will have to submit a photo ID such as a Driver's license if they accept your application

  • Extra note: Suggest to them to hire a Filipino virtual assistant to fix their website since they are extremely cheap and very efficient at doing their jobs

I would say that Hotspot Share is one of the best hosting programs.

It's not because of their service and taking accountability for being late on monthly payments to their users.

But they went above and beyond by offering me 100% ownership of their miner, which they did not have to do.

They could've just offered me 80% of the earnings as an apology, and I would've been fine with that:

Note that the last halving event was August 1, 2021 so the price of HNT has been increasing since then.


  • Electricity usage is 5 Watts per hour from a Helium Hotspot Miner and will only cost $0.01-0.02 USD per day

  • It's the type of miner where you just set it and forget it for months while the HNT comes pouring into your wallet

    • Extremely easy source for passive income


  • Buying a Helium miner can cost at least $400 USD minimum

    • You can no longer be able to build one from scratch now that the Helium community doesn't allow it

    • Certain Helium miners can take a while to ship, not available for purchase, or possibly expensive to buy from eBay depending on the Helium ecosystem

  • Only one device per household (or office building perhaps if it's allowed or location of your business(es) if applicable)

    • Using more than one device in a household will not help you earn more and might most likely do the opposite

  • You may need to file taxes depending on how much HNT you earn and whether you are using a Helium miner you bought yourself or earning as part of a hosting program

Other Notes:

  • Do not spoof locations of your miner otherwise you will get permanently banned and lose all your HNT

  • Make sure that your Helium Miner is next to a window with no metallic window screens next to it

  • The higher the miner is in the building, the more HNT you'll earn

  • It is extremely hard to get a Helium Miner if you decide to buy your own since hosting programs bought out most of them and I've read that it took around 8 months to have one delivered according to people's experiences on Reddit (Avoid buying Nebra)

  • The website for Hotspot Share has a lot of bugs at the moment compared to when I first signed up so be sure to let them know at support (at)

  • Responses from online support at Hotspot Share can take a while even though they view the email around the same day it is sent (using my email tracker)

  • Miscommunication may likely happen when contacting Hotspot Share support since they speak more in terms of actions instead of logic and/or emotion when made me feel angry and frustrated so contacting Helium themselves made things easier to understand logically

More details on Helium can be found on their website by clicking here.

If you would like to read their White Paper, click here.

For FAQs about the Helium Hotspot Miners, there are different models so you would have to check with each of their respective websites that sell it.



(Available on iOS and Android plus separate equipment required for purchasing)

[US region only since there currently isn't international shipping yet]

Coinmine is an app that allows you to mine from a device pre-built for you.

It's more energy efficient than building your own mining rig, which will most likely cause your electricity bill to go up the roof.

Once you get yourself a CoinmineOne device, you have the option of mining 6 different cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Grin

  • Monero

  • Zcash

  • Handshake

  • Cosmos (staking only and not mining [coming soon])

I believe that using Coinmine is one of the most efficient ways for mining in terms of the value you'll get for your time and money spent.

So if you're the type of person who doesn't want to miss out on earning cryptocurrency but also likes to be lazy and efficient, the CoinmineOne device is suitable for your life.

But if you're wondering about how much noise it would like in your house (or an office), you'll love that it's as loud as a personal fan, so you won't be disturbing anyone around you at all.

So buy this product today, and you'll be able to start earning different types of crypto while you're sleeping!

It's the easiest work you'll ever do in your life!


  • Extremely easy to set up, especially for those who new to mining

  • You can buy as many devices as you want without restrictions and save money if you buy more than one device in one order


  • Equipment can be expensive (especially for me) since you're paying for at least $700 for something that is pre-built for you

Other Notes:

  • Electricity may or may not be expensive for you if you're okay with paying approximately $660 per year for a device that uses about 160 watts which slightly uses less electricity than a PS3 Fat model that is idly running

  • For people living outside the US, you can most likely get your hands on a CoinmineOne if you personally know someone living in the US and depending on how your country handles restrictions on imports

More details on Coinmine can be found on their website by clicking here.

If you would like to read their FAQs, click here.


Current Long-term Crypto Projects in Progress

Note that none of these apps will immediately give you free money.

Their value and success depend on the contributions that you give to the network anonymously once the project is finished.

If you're looking for quick and easy cash, look somewhere else.

Typically for these projects, you would have to verify your identity to receive your reward through KYC (know your customer).

It means that you are required to provide personal information about yourself to continue using their services.

For these long-term projects, I will going through these apps:

5 Long-Term Crypto Projects


  • Barely any usage of electricity

  • Light carbon footprint on the planet

  • You're helping other people through these different types of networks and IoT devices


  • It isn't known when exactly these projects will be finished


(KYC required) [Available on iOS and Android]

(Use the invitation code itsmhl to get started)

Pi Network is one of the first long-term projects to emerge on the App Store / Google Play, where you can mine on your phone.

Instead of using cloud mining services, the app mines through its circle of members who:

  • Verify the transactions

  • Vouching for each other as trustworthy

  • Securing its ledger with barely any electricity usage

When you've invited 3-5 people, you're securing the network even further and trusting that these individuals won't be able to make fraudulent transactions as they mine.

So you can believe you're contributing more to the network while earning at a higher rate than others because you have a higher trust circle than they do.

So if you have family members you can trust, you can invite them onto this app and earn easy Pi.

You'll feel great about it because you're barely leaving any traces of carbon footprint on the planet.

If you can spare two clicks on this app, you can do this.

Imagine all the animals you'll be helping.

Okay, maybe not that many animals.

Make sure you're not helping mosquitoes bite people, okay?

If you can't spare 5 seconds of opening and start mining on this app, this app probably isn't for you.

Well, I'm going to start mining tomorrow and the day after that and the rest of the year.

I bet you can't once the mining rate decreases again.

So download Pi Network today before the rate goes to 0, and you won't be able to mine Pi anymore.

Be sure to use the invitation code itsmhl when you sign up, otherwise you won't be able to.

Chart of the halving for the total number of members that sign up on the app. Current total: ~500+ million members with a rate around 0.237 or less depending how much Pi is left to distribute as of March 30, 2022.


  • Mining is through securing the network by creating a trustworthy circle of people instead of consuming electricity

  • Created by people with Stanford PhDs

  • Option to have a node installed on your computer for validating transactions and more decentralization (anonymity)


  • Getting left out too soon for not downloading the app earlier

Other Notes:

  • You can lock up your Pi for up to 3 years to have your mining rate boosted by at least 200% (calculated from 10 * 20 * log(the number of mining sessions you've completed))

If you want to read up more information about Pi, you can read the FAQs by clicking here and the White Paper by clicking here.

Note that this is separate from the Pi Coin which is a dead cryptocurrency project.

Use the invitation code itsmhl at sign up!


(KYC required) [Available on iOS and Android]

(Use the invitation code itsmhl to get started)

Bee Network is very similar to how the Pi Network works.

Instead of calling us people members, they're calling us worker bees that help extract honey and protect the queen bee, so we have to do our part! (no joke. It's in their white paper.)

And for us worker bees to work even harder, we have to verify with other users that the transactions within the network are real.

So you can believe that contributing to the network makes it more decentralized for each person that successfully signs up.

And like Pi Network, this doesn't consume a lot of electricity.

So you don't have to worry about harming other people in the future.

You'll feel great that you're probably leaving a zeptogram (smallest unit of measurement) worth of carbon footprint for the planet.

So if you want to earn at a higher rate, you need to download this before the halving occurs again since the core team didn't spread this around on social media enough.

Download the app today, so you don't end up with a situation that's close to ending, like Pi Network.

Be sure to use the invitation code itsmhl when you sign up, otherwise, you won't be able to.

Chart of the total number of users signed up on Bee Network.

Current number of users: 18+ million.


  • The anonymity of the team behind Bee Network will keep the price rising over time once the project is finished, similar to how Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto are.

  • Will eventually produce mobile games, social network, e-commerce, and lifestyle services as Dapps (decentralized apps)


  • We don't know who the core team for Bee Network actually are except that it consists of top-tier experts with specialism in internet & blockchain technology, mathematics & cryptography experts and community volunteers.

  • Poor marketing on social media

FAQs about Bee Network can be found by click on this link.

Use the invitation code itsmhl to sign up!


[Available on iOS and Android]

Instead of using the Proof-of-Work consensus like Bitcoin mining, Nodle uses Proof-of-Connectivity.

It uses data that is difficult to produce (like how Bitcoin mining is trying to solve complex mathematical equations) but easy for miners to verify.

These miners get their work validated through data packets: background data packets and paid data packets.

Once the network validates that a packet has been transmitted and paid for, a reward is credited to the contributor: the miner.

This means that you're connecting with people using your smartphone's BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) as part of a decentralized network.

It helps businesses and consumers, such as accurately tracking containers, pallets, and parcels across borders.

If you love to help people, this is a great way to help a lot of random people in such a small way while creating a massive difference.

You're making it easier to connect with others more securely and privately through various consumer technology.

I believe that we, the consumers, need more privacy from our government's actions and activities, and this is one of the ways we can provide that together.

If you like providing people with unique ways to connect with others that give rise to more innovation in the future, you would want to get on this app.

You should start downloading this app to make the world a better place for the future.


  • You can leave the app open on your phone, regardless whether it's iOS or Android with your screen locked, 24/7 and still earn tokens on the current Polkadot blockchain.

  • Androi devices have 3 modes for how much you want to earn, all of which don't harm your phone but your battery life might say otherwise.


  • iOS devices don't have the different modes that would allow it to earn as much as its Android counterpart

  • Referral system is suspended at the moment

For general information about what Nodle Cash does, click here.

For more detailed information about Nodle Cash, clicking here.

If you would like to read the White Paper, click here.



[Available on iOS and Android]

Midoin is a new type of cryptocurrency that serves the purpose of providing 7 advantages to anyone and everyone:

  • Inclusivity

  • Simplicity

  • Fast transactions

  • Eco-friendly usage

  • Privacy

  • Security

  • For everyday people

The team behind Midoin likes to go against the norm and say that white papers are complete BS to everyone since they don't guarantee anything.

I think they tend to bring out a lot of surprises if that is the kind of thing you like.

I like good surprises, don't you?

I believe we should admire the commitment the Midoin team is providing to us.

They truly want to give us an equal chance of getting something valuable in our life.

And if you feel it's frustrating to mine something every day by tapping on your screen many times, that is pretty much the point.

It's to weed out those who don't want it enough, which makes Midoin worth something to you, your friends, your family, and people worldwide.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the app today and start earning 5x the amount of Midoin every day when you use the code michaelleon instead of 1x.


  • There will only be 26 million coins in existence


  • Tapping on your phone as a way to mine Midoin will feel very dull and mundane unless you have a certain personality type (~10% of the world population have it) that would say otherwise

Other Notes:

  • Since the app can detect if you're using macros or not for illegitimacy, you could try creating an auto-tap device if you know engineering. But I never tested this out and have no idea whether it would work or not

For FAQs about Midoin, click here.

For more detailed list of FAQs than what's on the website, you would have to download the app on your phone unfortunately and read it in there.

Use the code michaelleon to receive a 5x boost on your earnings instead of 1x

(link only works on mobile devices)


Tri Coin

[Available only on Android only, coming soon to iOS]

Tri Coin is a BEP-20 token that was initially developed on the Binance Smart Chain but moved on to create its own blockchain.

The goal is to create a flexible ecosystem of various crypto products under one space, such as NFTs, yield farming, launchpads, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks, decentralized exchanges (DEX), etc.

I believe this project has the potential to become something big if you contribute to it with a bit of your time.

The mining process is painless and super simple.

Even a 5-year child can do it if they have a Google account.

And if you feel you can't take a minute of your time to sign up that provides very minimal risk in your life, then I have no words for you.

Download the app, sign up instantly with your Google account, and click on one button to start mining for 4 hours easily.


  • Only 1 million coins

  • No KYC since it is a decentralized project

  • Consumes less than 1% of the battery for your smartphone

  • The mining rate gets halved each year


  • No roadmap or white paper until after the token is listed on an exchange

  • Requires a Google account to log in

Other Notes:

  • The roadmap of this project can be seen here which I think is pretty clear to me

  • The main source of revenue for Tri Coin is through showing ads to people so the project shows a lot of uncertainty

    • If the ads are stopped, then the project is dead

  • If this project does fail, then you've lost almost nothing except a few minutes of your time just for reactivating the mining process since there is no account registration at the moment

For FAQs about Tri Coin, click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Use the code 2TT1T2429pMo at sign up!


Crypto Apps and Services to Avoid

There are 2 apps I would personally avoid because of not having a credible team or because a part of the app is broken for an indefinite amount of time that you have doubts about the capabilities of the way the coins are coded.

They are also others but they are:

  • Time Stope

  • Reflex Cloud Mining

  • Crypto "mining" apps that require you to pay to use their service

Note that these are just warnings but you are free to choose to download and create an account if you want.

These are my personal thoughts and experiences of these apps that I will be brief with.

Time Stope

It's mainly privacy issues with how the KYC process is handled and who the development team is.

For more details, there is an online article that explains why.

Reflex Cloud Mining

I couldn't create a new account after accidentally misspelling my email when I registered and after uninstalling and reinstalling.

The fact that this hasn't been fixed for over a year after switching over to a new phone makes me question if the coding for Reflex works if they won't read reviews and fix bugs.

They're currently trying to fix the sign-up process, but they're not successful, especially on their main website.

My opinion of Reflex might change in the future, but it's terrible at the moment for me.

After all, the crypto community determines the price of the coins, not the government, except for stablecoins being stable.

At least 90% of the Mining Apps That Require You to Pay

Google is notorious for allowing a lot of crypto mining apps on their app store compared to Apple which basically has almost nothing since the ones on there on there are legit and lets you mine for free.

Since Google isn't strict with what crypto apps are published on their app store, there's a lot of fake crypto apps that forces you to pay to mine. That should raise your suspicion regardless of how many 5 star reviews the app gets.

Always do your research beforehand and check if there's a website that has an official app on there. If not, 99% of the time, it's going to be a scam.

But the ones that are legit tend to be the free ones but there are a lot that have a high withdrawal requirement which makes it not worth your time if you're impatient.

Either that or the gas fees for a certain network are high to the point where the developer is forced to set the withdrawal requirement to a certain amount.

But it's your choice whether to try and experiment on those apps or not.


Final Words

The world is constantly innovating for new solutions for existing problems, especially in the crypto space.

As an example, Daymak, a Canadian company, plans to release a new electric car in 2023 to compete against Tesla.

The big difference between the two is that Daymak's cars integrate crypto mining as it's parked to use solar energy (and it's cheaper than a Tesla too).

Instead of being a depreciating asset where you have to take care of the maintenance of your car, it's become more of an appreciating asset which would be the first of its kind since it's generating passive income for you which I find awesome.

But right now, we're currently at the stage where more people are starting to accept crypto as a form of currency.

But people are still skeptical about it because:

  • They don't know too much about it

  • They don't know how everything works and/or

  • They rely on other people's perspectives on it which can lead to a lot of misinformation like this old Trevor Noah video.

I hope this list provides a great way to familiarize yourself a bit and help you get started early in crypto, especially if you're a beginner, and as a leading point on how cryptocurrencies could be earned without using extensive energy.

With that said, here's the infographic of what you just earlier in this post in its entirety:

(Please note that the information on Ethereum is outdated now that the merge has been completed)

Please share this infographic with people to to help reduce the spread of misinformation.

As for the video I referenced in the infographic, here it is for the sake of convenience if you're in the US region. There are no spoilers despite what the video title says.

If you're outside the US and are unable to access a VPN or US proxy server to watch the video above, you can watch this video instead and skip to 6:04 which contains portions of the video above.

If you want to dive further deep into the crypto rabbit hole, there are blogging communities that I highly recommend which will help you make better decisions and avoid losing a lot of time and money in the future.

You can click on the following links below to sign up:

  • Publish0x, one of the largest crypto blogging communities with a user interface that is organized and easy to use on what kind of news and information you want to see

As for if I'll continue expanding this list, I'll do it when I have the time.

I had that time when I was in college, but I don't have that kind of time now cause work calls for me a lot.


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