13 Services You Can Use for Mining Coins With Low Energy (2022)

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Do you remember the time when Bitcoin mining used to be sustainable and energy-efficient?

Me neither. I've read recently that you were able to mine Bitcoin with a simple home computer back in 2010 so it didn't consume a lot of electricity back in the day.

Now, there are blockchains out there that tackle the issues of Bitcoin, Ethereum [Execution Layer] (formerly known as Ethereum 1.0), and any other blockchains that negatively affect the environment.

Yet, there are still a lot of people who believe that cryptocurrencies and NFTs in general are terrible for the environment.

This led me to create a brief infographic that tackles issue of misinformation and concerns that people have:

The entire infographic can be seen at the end of this post. Please share either of these infographics to reduce the amount of misinformation out there.

And even though at least 40% of the mining comes from renewable energy (2021 data), people are still going to use the Proof-of-Work consensus instead of the Proof-of-Stake consensus despite its impact on the environment since Proof-of-Work is technically more decentralized than Proof-of-Stake.

Although there's nothing we can do about those people, there are no signs of Bitcoin ever going down long-term just like the S&P 500 and that will drive more people to jump deep into the crypto rabbit hole.

But first, you would need to be guided before you can jump into that rabbit hole also with a small taste of what the crypto industry with services that you can use without emptying your wallet or heavily impacting the environment.

13 Easy Services for Mining Coins With Low Energy I can Provide You

There are multiple cloud mining services you can use where you pay for a monthly fee without the need to mine from your own computer.

But we're not here to look at that since we're looking for more alternatives are free, easy to use without any knowledge for coding, and those that don't require a monthly subscription, especially for those with no experience working with mining rigs.

Here are the apps and services I will be briefly going through with you:

  • CryptoTab Browser

  • Coin App (iOS and Android)

  • Phoneum (Android only [for now])

  • Nebula

  • Stormgain

  • GeoDB

  • Helium Miner

  • Hotspot Share

  • Coinmine

As well as the current long-term projects in progress and not listed on an exchange yet. Good things happen to those who wait:

  • Pi Network

  • Bee Network

  • Nodle Cash

  • Midoin

  • Tri Coin

And to finish things off with 2 apps / services + any specific apps that fit a certain criteria to avoid along with some final words.


CryptoTab Browser

(Available on Windows, iOS, and Android)

Built from Chromium, it is a browser made for everyday use along with mining Bitcoin without harming your computer or CPU.

So you'll be glad that this is a more environmentally-friendly alternative that can take of the planet compared to having an expensive mining rig that can cost $1000-2500 USD minimum.

Essentially, I believe you'll find more value using this browser compared to simply using Google Chrome where Google sells off your data [to the government] without any monetary compensation for you while taking up too much memory from your RAM and slowing down your computer.

You can expect an extremely low energy bill from this while avoiding Big Brother known as Google. Seriously, you won't like it when Google follows you around the web and gives you suggestions on what to buy.

So what are you waiting for? Download this browser now before you'll earn even less Bitcoin just because the price went up again.

Download CryptoTab Browser here.


  • Fast and lightweight

  • Mining rate is easily adjustable

  • No damage to your computer, phone, or CPU

  • Withdraw your BTC to a wallet at any time

  • Able to use multiple devices at once

  • 10 level referral system

  • Ability to sync everything with your Google account (should you choose to do so) along with any Chrome extensions

  • Easy source for passive income



Coin App

(Available on iOS and Android)

Launched in early 2019, COIN is a mobile app, enabling you to earn COIN for validating geospatial location data with 4 different modes for earning: open exploration, gamified travel, physical exercise, and mental exercise (game).

You'll like the fact that you're helping the XYO network grow larger by anonymously contributing data for the verifying the location you are at is real while being rewarded for it.

I believe we should do our part to make a world a better place by helping people find lost items and verify package deliveries based on this data.

Come on. You're getting rewarded for just traveling and resting in one place. You can pick up your relatives while going out to eat while you're at it.

So download the app below and take advantage of getting 1000 COIN when you sign up with the link below because you don't want to start out with 100 COIN instead like I did.

Get 1000 COIN for Downloading & Creating an Account Through This Link (Subject to change in the future depending how high the price of the token is at the time)


  • You can earn 100,000 COIN in a year with just the free plan if you manage to use it almost every single day

  • You can redeem 10,000 COIN for XYO which will be fairly quick (if used with a SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC)

  • You can earn 12x rewards using a SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC

  • You can earn about at least 100 COIN, more or less, every week depending on how frequent you mine i.e. 4x multiplier = ~ 400 COIN

  • You can have multiple accounts that use one SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC

  • The amount of space required to verify your location is about the size of a school lecture hall that can seat about 500 students (see picture below)

  • You can earn more XYO / COIN for:

  • Surveys

  • Scans for sponsored products depending on the grocery store you visit

  • Visiting points of interest in your area which includes various types of stores

  • Installing apps

  • Verifying your business data

  • Max supply: 14 billion

  • Current Supply: 8.3 billion (as of 05/2021)


  • You will have to replace the battery for SentinelX BLE in about a year, more or less. The battery used is CR3032 so I recommend buying in bulk to save time from delivery the next time the battery dies

  • I recommend getting the Panasonic CR3032 3-Pack Battery

  • I don't recommend getting the CR3032 battery from Loopacell as the only of the only other CR3032 battery manufacturers. The battery lasted much less longer than I expected than the one that was already in the SentinelX BLE when it was shipped to me.

  • Redeeming COIN for Bitcoin or Ethereum is extremely hard since the prices for those two coins keep going up over time

  • SentinelX NFC can disconnect sometimes since it's not using any electricity nor Bluetooth technology

  • Premium plans can be expensive if you're not moving around a lot

  • Does not work on a device without GPS capabilities (i.e. Amazon Fire Tablet)

  • Only one device per account at a time (otherwise risk forfeiting all your COIN you've accumulated and having your account terminated)

  • Using without the SentinelX BLE or SentinelX NFC is extremely slow. The only real reward you get is the Geodrop on Thursday, GMT +0 for how many times you've geomined within a week which can be more or less

Other Notes:

  • The amount of XYO tokens you can redeem after geomining 10,000 COIN continues to decrease over time the longer you wait (or increase if there's a crypto crash)


Cloud Earning FONE

[Rebranded From Phoneum] (Android only (iOS currently unavailable at this time)

(Use the code 7we2dvdn to earn an extra 200 FONE as a starting bonus instead of 0)

Cloud Earning FONE is considered to be one of the very first mobile-only apps that includes cloud-mining services for free and premium plans to increase your mining rate.

Its purpose is to offset carbon emissions and contribute to other various environmental causes. So if you would like something that is easy to mine while helping the planet, I would love for you to get this app.

Since this is built on the Solana blockchain (originally built on the Tron blockchain), transactions are fast and I believe it does have potential since its mining rate is reduced by 10 PHT (now FONE I guess) for each 250 million PHT that goes into circulation so that it adjusts for inflation.

Graph of how the total PHT in circulation will be reduced once reached.

Current FONE supply in circulation: close to 10 billion.

All it takes is 2-3 taps to start mining. Just have a little fun with it and play some games offered by FONE and earn more FONE along the way.

If you can't take 5-10 seconds in your life to start earning FONE on your phone, this app probably isn't for you. So why don't you just download it and start earning before the mining rate drops even lower.

Download here via Google Play. Use the code 7we2dvdn to earn an extra 200 FONE when you get started instead of 0.

If you don't have an Android, you can download Bluestacks instead as an Android emulator and install Cloud Earning FONE on there via uploading an apk of it.


  • Earn FONE every week. Just set it and forget about it for 7 days until the notification on your phone pops up.

  • No need to be constantly connected to the internet since it is cloud-based mining

  • Has staking rewards

  • You can earn more FONE by doing offers or surveys

  • Has FONE games which you can redeem or earn NFTs instead

  • Max supply: 10 billion

  • Current supply: Close to 10 billion now


  • iOS app was taken down due to Apple. There currently aren't any updates when it will be back up on the App Store again.

  • Staking rewards start once you have 15,000 FONE at a minimum of 1% for 30 days

  • VIP (Premium) plans can be expensive

  • Only available to withdraw on LAToken Exchange for USDT (Tether).