Finding Greener Alternate Energy Cryptocurrency Mining Sources

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

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(Updated March 05, 2020)

Ever since I watched an Off the Pill Podcast with Ryan Higa and Michelle Phan on Bitcoin, I've been crazy obsessed with investing my money that's been sitting on my bank doing nothing and gaining little interest as I continued studying for college.

Now that I've moved most of my money into Vanguard's S&P 500 index fund and been placing leftover spare change from my online purchases into my Acorns account (if you have a student e-mail, you can avoid paying the $1 fee every month for an Acorns core account!) which, fortunately, has a Moderately Aggressive Portfolio (now changed to Aggressive to maximize returns) that includes Vanguard's S&P 500 ETF which I should've done a long time ago when I started college and see my money grow as I study for exams. 😞

Thankfully, I'm very glad I started now than later otherwise my personal net worth when I retire would significantly be much less.

But knowing that Bitcoin can't be mined anymore and the fact that it's a finite source, especially due to the fact that people lost keys to a lot of Bitcoin for good which significantly drove up the price of it today and making it extremely volatile.

Not only that but Bitcoin consumed extremely too much energy that could power 34 homes a day and this is still currently a problem with a lot of other cryptocurrency mining platforms when it comes to climate change. "This sh*t is unsustainable."

While there are cryptocurrencies such as GEAR Token that aim at problems to reduce carbon emissions and help with climate change, there are solutions out there you can still do to reduce the number of carbon emissions without utilizing the need of a powerful computer system that consumes tons of electricity and driving up your electricity bill.

The Solutions

These are solutions I've found so far that are energy-efficient without the need to pay a lot of attention to it or a lot of manual work. In other words, the ability to remain productive while it's doing its thing.

(If you found something that is useful that doesn't require a lot of attention, please contact me and I will take a look at it and may possibly add to this list and give you credit):


An app that can be found on App Store or Google Play. This blockchain utilizes cloud mining so you don't have to manage any hardware. Overall, you really don't have to do anything much except to verify your identity on your phone or tablet to make sure that you're a real person and extend your cloud mining every 5-7 days so it doesn't expire (if you extend it early, you will have to verify yourself again which is a hassle).

Although it's not worth much now for those of us living well in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, etc., this is something that is especially useful for those living in developing countries. Imagine the possibilities of what you can do with that amount of money living in those countries.

Be sure to scan the QR Code below in the Electroneum app or add the code 23F9DC on "Generate more ETN" for added benefits.

Pi Network

One of the first official digital currencies you can mine on your phone without relying on a 3rd party app. Unlike Electroneum, this doesn't rely on cloud mining and uses your phone's hardware to mine cryptocurrency.

But unlike other cryptocurrencies out on the market, it is not worth anything at the moment and is like how Bitcoin started out in 2008: it is still in its first early stages.

Decentralized Secure, Immutable, non-counterfeitable and interoperable digital money.

Mobile First Works on your mobile phone and does not drain your battery.

User & Planet-Friendly Easy to use security at scale, without the massive electrical waste.

Disclaimer: Pi is NOT free money.

Pi is NOT free money. It is a long-term project whose success depends on the collective contributions of its members.

Pi is dedicated to helping everyday people capture more economic value that today goes to banks, technology giants (e.g., Facebook, Amazon), and other intermediaries. Pi depends on the collective contributions of its members. If you are looking for quick money, look elsewhere.

But in order for use the app, you will have to use my code ItsMHL to register successfully.

If you want to read up more information about Pi, you can read the FAQs and the White Paper through the hyperlinks.

Coin App (Geomining) (Free 1000 Tokens for Downloading & Creating an Account Through This Link)

Launched in early 2019, COIN is a mobile app (available on iOS and Android) enabling you to earn digital assets for validating geospatial location data when traveling, commuting, jogging or moving about the real world. Once you have collected your digital assets, you can choose to keep them in the app, or you can redeem them for merchandise (highly not recommended), XYO you would like to store in an external wallet, or exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (0.025 BTC) or Ethereum (1.0 ETH).

If you install on a device without GPS capabilities (such as an Amazon Fire Tablet), the app won't work.

How does it use XYO?

The COIN App uses XYO's current fingerprinting technology to prove that a user was in a location they claim to be. It helps avoid location spoofing in the app, and protects COIN from bad users who wish to fake their location to earn more digital assets than they should be earning.

How to Get the Most Mining for Tokens

While it's a nice to know that you don't have to spend a lot of electricity mining, I highly recommend getting a SentinelX Device which is free (all you have to do is pay shipping and handling ($12.95 USD) in comparison to other sites such as Amazon or eBay which can go up to $40) + downloading the app through my hyperlink above which earns you 1000 Tokens vs a mere 100 Tokens when you join without my referral link which was what I did when I first joined and registered for an account. 😞

This device will help you earn you 12X more than using just the app itself.

Although the instructions never told me to turn Bluetooth on (I rarely use it at all), having data with your phone plan is an absolute must if you want to get the most out of the app (in my case, I don't have data since I am trying to live below my means at the moment). Without it, you'll just be stuck at a place that only includes wi-fi which is my house and the school that I attend.

The area which you can geomine is about as big as the lecture hall I attend for class which is equivalent to the area of the house I live in (and in case if you are wondering, everything on the map is part of my school campus).

The best method for geomining is being on the move and the best for getting the most out of movement either by biking or car or some other motor vehicle (like a OneWheel). Walking or running, although not as efficient, is definitely a plus and a good excuse for exercise.

But if you want to know the difference between redeeming 10,000 XYO Tokens (worth more than the initial investment of $12.95 for shipping the SentinelX):

With SentinelX: ~25 Days

Without SentinelX: ~668 Days

This does not include Coin Plus and Coin Pro which helps you earn 2-3 x 12 (from the SentinelX) = 36x the amount everyday.

But if you really want to maximize out your geomining, I highly suggest getting a BridgeX ($200) or building yourself one which can cost you $50 instead along with buying multiple SentinelX devices.

If you plan on building your own BridgeX, here are the materials you need:

And this is the result of utilizing a BridgeX and multiple SentinelX devices.

And in case if you were interested in buying XYO merchandise, it's much easier to buy it through the links below rather than use your hard-earned tokens instead:

You might need a power bank for your phone also if you're biking or walking for a while so here are my recommendations:

Brave Browser

Why use Google Chrome when you can use Brave Browser. With Brave, your pages will load 3x to 6x faster in comparison to Google Chrome and Firefox with nothing to install, learn or manage.

When you turn on Brave Rewards, you give a little back to the sites you frequent most which help you earn their website's form of cryptocurrency, Basic Attention Token (BAT), for viewing privacy-respecting ads.

Brave can automatically distribute your contributions based on how much time you spend on sites. Or, you can choose to tip sites directly, and even offer a fixed monthly tip amount. 

All of this works while keeping your browsing history private. Your funds are made available to site owners through an anonymous ledger system, so you can’t be identified based on the sites you visit and support.

Remember: these contributions are optional – browsing the web with Brave is free.

Import and continue where you left off

It’s easy to import your settings from your old browser. You can do it during the welcome tour or later through the menus.

All of your old browser profiles will appear in a list. You can import other browser data through the main menu item called “Import Bookmarks and Settings.”

Experience unparalleled privacy and security.

Brave fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure which is their top priority.

Brave is not in the personal data business so their servers neither see nor store your browsing data – it stays private, on your devices, until you delete it, meaning that they won’t ever sell your data to third parties.

You can customize your shield settings on a per-site or browser-wide basis. See how many ads and trackers are being blocked by Brave every day on the New Tab Page.

Whenever possible using the HTTPS Everywhere list, Brave automatically upgrades to HTTPS for secure, encrypted communications when an ordinary browser would use an insecure connection.

Browse confidently with default settings that block phishing, malware, and malvertising. Also, plugins, which have proven to be a security risk, are disabled by default.

Sync your devices bravely

Brave Sync, currently in beta, can be enabled to encrypt and synchronize your preferred settings and bookmarks. However, Brave does not have the keys to decrypt your data.

CryptoTab Browser

The world's first fast and lightweight browser with built-in fast mining algorithm features for Bitcoin that you can adjust and increase your mining speed up to 8 times in comparison to extension format without the need to buy any special equipment.

Since it is based on Google Chrome, you can easy sync everything across multiple devices as well as add extensions you're familiar while utilizing a user-friendly customizable interface. Mine Bitcoins yourself and invite friends so you can earn even more! As you invite friends, explain that they should regularly use the browser for visiting websites and social networks, watching online videos, etc. Mining speed is higher when the browser window is active. This way, they make more money while your income from your referrals increases, too! The referral network system goes down 10 levels so you will earn Bitcoin when your referrals earn from their friends that they invite. Use CryptoTab as your default browser to maximize your revenue Mining speed increases when your browser is active. Use CryptoTab browser for your everyday activities, visit your favorite sites, watch movies online, and take advantage of maximum mining power. CryptoTab browser utilizes processor resources more efficiently when the browser window is active. This way, you can make more money.

You can payout straight to BTC wallet at any time regardless of the amount you have.

Personally for how I use this, I leave 1 tab open for CryptoTab to mine as I use other browsers that protect my privacy and don't utilize my online data without compensation for money or cryptocurrency. That's just my preference but I do highly recommend using this as an additional source of passive income.

ETH Cloud Remote Miner (Android only)

This Ethereum "mining" app is easy on your device since it's not an actual mining rig so it doesn't damage your phone or tablet's hardware. It's very safe and eco-friendly on yourself and the only requirements are that you have an Ethereum wallet.

What I really like about this is that you can use multiple devices to mine Ethereum such as 2 phones or a phone, a tablet, and possibly a computer if you use an Android emulator such as Nox Player or BlueStacks (or both for double the effort 👍 ).

The only downsides are that you have to close and re-open the app every hour due to its anti-bot protection so I would recommend using at most 5-6 devices since one device with that anti-bot protection will affect all devices mining and the payout is set at 0.003 Ethereum.

BCH Cloud Remote Miner (Android only)

Essentially the same thing as the ETH Cloud Remote Miner app with relatively the same hashrate except payout is set at 0.001 Bitcoin Cash.

Be sure to add the referral code ID57079 for some added benefits (and also install in-app ad-blocker)!

LTC Cloud Remote Miner (Android only)

Essentially the same thing as the app above but with Litecoin instead. Payout is set at 0.005 Litecoin.

Free Bitcoin (Android Only)

Yes, I know. Bitcoin can't be mined anymore but I really like the idea of free Bitcoin. You might be wondering that there's probably a catch to it. And you're right but it's in the form of viewing ads on your mobile device or submitting optional offers so the creators of the app can make money. Luckily for me, I'm an optimist that does these things so you would know if it's a trap or not, which obviously is not a trap. 😊

In this app, you earn Satoshi, based on the founder of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto. This app acts as a randomizer based on risk (or not if you choose to earn just free Satoshi immediately). But honestly, there is actually no risk in the randomizer since you get additional ones just as long as you choose to view one ad afterward where a bigger reward is guaranteed.

The only downside is that it takes 10,000 Satoshi in order to redeem Bitcoin but I personally think it's worth it since Bitcoin is so volatile and valuable. Like what Warren Buffett says, interest compounds, though Warren Buffett doesn't approve of Bitcoin as well as I do. 😂

Each Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

The amount of Satoshi earned is subject to change depending on the economy

Just make sure you don't have an in-app ad-blocker turned on or have it whitelisted and you'll be good to go! 👍

Free Bitcoin Cash (Android Only)

The same concept as the Free Bitcoin app above except the chances of better rewards are higher and significantly faster to earn 10,000 Satoshi. The amount you receive will depend on the economy of Bitcoin Cash.

Each Satoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 Bitcoin Cash.

Just make sure you don't have an in-app ad-blocker turned on or have it whitelisted! 👍

Free Litecoin (Android Only)

The same concept as the Free Bitcoin app above except the chances of better rewards are higher and significantly faster to earn 20,000 Satoshi. The amount you receive will depend on the economy of Litecoin.

Each Litoshi is equivalent to 0.00000001 Litecoin.

Just make sure you don't have an in-app ad-blocker turned on or have it whitelisted! 👍


An underrated crypto-back website who's sister site is Buy Tokens are rewarded for purchases on online stores which can be used to exchange for $20 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, or Amazon gift cards.

The downside is that not many people know it and a relatively small support team.

In order to contact support, you would have to contact them here or through their Facebook Page which was what I did when their password reset generator was broken. These are primarily the fastest methods for getting in contact with them since Ethbates isn't that popular with people.

But I do hope we can get traction going on there now that I've mentioned it on here.

Pro tip: If you exchange your BUY tokens for either Bitcoin, Ethereum, or XRP during a bear market, you will definitely gain more than $20 worth once the market goes back to being bullish.

Update: This website is currently broken. Please do contact them here or through their Facebook Page.


Another crypto-back website that pays out in either $15 worth of Bitcoin or cash that you can transfer to your bank account online.

With Lolli, you can earn a minimum of 0.000246 Bitcoin up to 27% Bitcoin back on online stores. Unlike Ethbates, this features hundreds of more stores with Bitcoin back instead of placing a 0% crypto-back on the store for no good reason.

Unfortunately, it doesn't include stores such as eBay or Amazon which I mainly use.

Sane Pro tip: If you exchange your $15 for Bitcoin during a bear market, you will definitely gain more than $15 worth once the market goes back to being bullish.


A blockchain-based video startup company that rewards you for watching videos and movies. Each TaTaTu Token has a fixed value of 25¢. For every 100-minute video you watch, you get rewarded with approximately 12 TaTaTu Tokens which you can use to redeem items on their e-commerce store. The items that are redeemed are much cheaper in comparison to when you shop at other online stores.

The plus side is that you are allowed to use multiple devices to earn TTU tokens such as a desktop computer, a laptop, your phone, and your tablet.

The downsides are that it's still relatively new at the time of this writing, the limited number of countries supported at this time, and the fact that the video pauses if you do something else on your computer or phone/tablet.

But right now, I do see a high potential of growth for TaTaTu in the future.

Best Place to Convert Your Digital Assets into Dividends

So you decided to buy cryptocurrency instead. That's great for you, in comparison to me where I don't have much. You could either use Nexo or to convert those assets to stable coins where you can earn a high-yield of 8% interest on returns in comparison to other online banking saving accounts that can never seem to have more than 2-3% compound interest or a 1.25% APY rewards for Coinbase's stablecoin, USDC. But this is only if you only bought a little and not a lot of cryptocurrency.

But for those of you that decided to go big, it is best to invest those assets in a balanced or growth portfolio at or exchanging them for Nexo Tokens where 70% from the company’s Net Profit will be reinvested back into the company to fund more Instant Crypto Credit Lines™, and a fixed 30% from the Net Profit is paid out as dividend to the eligible NEXO Token holders in the given dividend period.

The dividends are divided into two parts:

  • Base Dividend — paid out to all eligible token holders proportionally to their NEXO Token holdings

  • Loyalty Dividend — paid out individually for each NEXO Token based on how long it has been in the Nexo Wallet from one ex-dividend date to the next. The share of the Loyalty Dividend will be no less than 1/3 of the total dividend amount to be distributed in any given period.

The cons of investing with is the only fee being 9% of your profits (with MCO (token) staked) or 18% (without MCO staked).

Unfortunately, I cannot say whether I recommend investing in either with or Nexo since I don't know if there are any fees investing in Nexo Tokens and I don't have the experience with either one of them.

What I personally would do if I had the money is to try both for one year and see which has high dividends and how much the fees take your money away.

Safest Place to Store Your Cryptocurrencies

Since I am security and privacy freak when it comes to safeguarding assets and private information and knowing the fact that cracking 2FA isn't impossible (but close, especially with a mobile app), I highly recommend using a Ledger to physically secure your digital assets which is similar to a YubiKey.


  • Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet: allows you to send and receive crypto assets, securely and conveniently. Your Ledger hardware wallet can easily be connected into a computer and managed through the Ledger Live companion app. The Ledger Nano S keeps your private keys protected

  • Secure: Your confidential data is never exposed: it is stored inside a strongly isolated Secure Chip, and locked by an 8 digit PIN code

  • Multicurrency: enables you to manage multiple assets on the same device, and supports over 30 cryptocurrencies and all ERC20 tokens

  • Easy to use: designed around an intuitive user experience. check and confirm transactions on the built-in display and confirm with using the two physical buttons (anti-malware second factor verification)

  • Backup & restore: Your accounts are backed up on a recovery sheet, and can easily be restored on any Ledger device or compatible wallet (BIP39/BIP44)

More expensive but better version: Ledger Nano X

Difference from the Ledger Nano S:

  • Secure a large number of assets with one device - install up to 100 applications on your device

  • Trade your crypto assets on-the-go directly from your smartphone using the Bluetooth connection

  • Ledger Live let you manage 22 coins using one-single app. To manage other crypto, you need to use external wallets

If you need a guide on how to use a Ledger, I recommend using this book:

Buying Cryptocurrencies Instead (But when?)

I'm sure that there are people reading this who'd rather spend money on investing cryptocurrencies instead of earning it through websites or apps and invest on those earnings.

I've seen Instagram posts that say to buy it when it's around $5000 and they're not wrong but I personally think you could do better.

But when is it actually the best time to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum? The answer: Bear Market period.

At the last bear market period on December 14th, 2018, the price of Bitcoin dropped to $3212.21 and the price of Ethereum dropped to $85.12, both at its lowest 10 days before the bear market plunged in December 24th, 2018.

And know that a bear market usually occurs every 3-5 years so it's best to wait until then. If you touch the power of delayed gratification within you, then you can definitely win this! 👍

But if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies now, one of the best places I know is to start is on RobinHood.

Additionally, Vanguard is currently testing a blockchain-powered platform for asset managers to trade currencies and I would like to possibly see a cryptocurrency index fund from them in the future. 😊

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