Easy Guide on Finding Ideas for High School Senior Projects

Updated: Jun 20

This was originally posted on June 09, 2013 (as a mere showcase for my senior project at the time).

You've just come in to this page wondering "what ideas can I use for my senior project" or "I have no idea what I'm suppose to do for this project" or something between those lines and you're in one of these two situations:

  • You're preparing months ahead of time OR

  • You're currently procrastinating a few weeks or maybe on the week that it's due (that's pretty bold of you actually.

No problem! I had the very exact same issue as you since my teacher (for me at least) didn't really give out clear instructions and only showed the class some examples but not really on the how.

Each high school will have a different requirements and format on what medium you can submit and present this in such as a PowerPoint or creating a video (which everyone had to do at my school) but I promise you you will find the results you're looking for.

In this quick and easy guide for your high school senior project, I will be showing you:

  • How you can easily have an idea for your project using this this specific personal quality

  • 3 examples of how this personal quality is used for senior projects

  • Determine if your personal quality is good enough that it will have some impact on your future career and daily life

Finding the Solution to Your Problem on Your Senior Project

So you are in either one of these two situations:

You might either have a few to tons of ideas or

You have absolutely no ideas whatsoever (in this case, me) but you might lack the direction of where your project is supposed to go.

And I have seen a bunch of projects that were random, totally weird in a bad way, and lacked a sense of direction since my teacher was pretty vague about it.

But one easy approach to solving this problem involves one simple feeling you have:


Quote about Passion by Les Brown
Quote about Passion by Les Brown

How to Find Your Exact Passion For Your Project

At some point during your time in high school, you have developed some sort of passion you enjoy doing such as extracurricular activities (volunteering or sports), developing a new hobby that involved a new circle of friends and people, or if you spent all your time in high school solely focused on academics (which I actually feel sorry for you and nearly ended up finding myself on this path also).

Regardless of what your passion is, it should showcase some sort of personality that people don't already know about yet that paints you in a positive light overall.

Think of this as a way to let colleges or a workplace get to know you personally.

Will your personality help you find a way to cooperate with people in order to solve a problem together in comparison to the other applicants who have the same generic knowledge and/or work experience as you do?

3 Examples of Showing Passion for Senior Projects

The High School Senior Who Used Music to Transformed & Became One of the Top EDM Artists in the World

The first example is a comment I found on YouTube video on one of my favorite EDM artists, Porter Robinson. It would be nice to see what exactly he did for his senior project but unfortunately, we're stuck with an anecdote from one of his classmates.

Comment on Porter Robinson's senior project and his current success
A comment from Porter Robinson's classmate in high school

As you can see, his senior project focused on his passion and creativity with music.

Taking a look from his biography, he started producing music at the age of 12-13 (different sources say different things) and as you can expect, he continued it throughout his years in high school.

And although he was accepted into college, he wanted to take a risk and continue his opportunity in music.

Now, you can obviously see he has become well-known music artist most notable for his work on the music video Shelter which has accumulated over 50 million views.

The Gaming Streamer Who Played for Fun (When Twitch Was Still a Start-Up) and Became a Professional E-Sports Player

My 2nd example is what my friend Slooshi, aka Andrew Pham, who became a professional e-sports player before e-sports was even a thing.

For his senior project, he did a "draw my life" video (video currently not on YouTube anymore) related to e-sports, specifically on how he earned money just for playing League of Legends professionally and traveled across the Pacific Ocean to a foreign country to play in tournaments, all while he was still in high school. [Note that this was in the early 2010s which was unbelievable at the time so it definitely wasn't normal unlike today]

His passion and ability to play well in a game like League of Legends all started when he was introduced to chess around the age of 4 or so. Although I was only able to beat him only once [out of 20+ games] in 7th grade, the neuroplasticity [the flexibility in simple terms] of his brain allowed him to transfer his skills from chess onto real-time strategy games (but he's no Beth Harmon in chess).

Fun fact: Andrew originally used the name slushie because our middle school/junior high offered slushies during lunch time and we would frequently buy this ~$2 high sugar drinks offered in two different flavors from 6th to 8th grade until high school where it was not offered over there.

The Aspiring Filmmaker in High School Who is Now a Biological Scientist and Currently Focused in Utilizing Business, Psychology & the Film Industry (me)

For myself, I was becoming really passionate about film making and acting beginning my sophomore year in high school despite being socially awkward back in the day due to a strict parent whose parenting style shaped my personality while being very demanding of academics.

This all started after suffering from a brain injury before finishing my freshman year in high school. Since the injury has regressed the age mentality of my brain a bit, my mind was open to learning something new and that started with watching funny skits and short films from self-taught film makers.

I wanted to experiment on trying to make a short film using the resources available to me and negative experiences in my life as a source for my acting along with a friend who had no idea what he wanted to do for his project also (though he had a passion for music).

As you can see in this video, I had no knowledge of using cinematography (the art of camera movements) or over-the-shoulder camera angles and as I look back back at it, the video is terrible in my standards even though the video contained a bit of comedy (due to my weird personality and nature of coming up with ideas which has shaped the person I am today in terms of comedy and currently has a huge impact on my line of work for creativity).

But at least the video had direction since my friend and I both covered 1365 days of experience in school is 4 years of high school and the results of what we got out of it so it had purpose to it (more significantly in terms of experience for me though).

Flash forward to today, I'm currently involved a bit with business & marketing (self-taught) while using the knowledge from my neurobiology class as a way to further understand how human behavior works.