Voice Acting as Kaneki for a Tokyo Ghoul:re Fan Animation (Ch. 164)

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

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Beginning with what happened two weeks, I received a request on to voice act as Ken Kaneki (Japanese dub. Also I prefer to call him as Kaneki Ken instead) for a fan animation from an animator.

Well.. to be more accurate, I actually contacted the animator last year if I could voice act as Kaneki since there wasn't any audio for dialogue in his previous animations. Plus, his friend said his voice was too high for him to act as Kaneki.

Not only am I a huge fan of Tokyo Ghoul (the manga though. The anime butchered a lot of scenes & destroyed the beauty of its literacy devices hence it's imagery is gone), there are actually a bit of similarities between me and Kaneki.


  • Experience with a toxic parent

  • Suffered brain damage. I was told I don't remember anything at all when I woke up at the time, not that I even remember that event.

  • Multiple personality changes in life

  • Body type is about relatively the same such as height and weight

  • Finger cracking in terms of symbolism involving who's strong and who's weak and self-conflict. I actually unwillingly do this.

But other than that, I wanted more experience in the acting field and I do try to take advantage of every good opportunity whenever possible. It's just my desire of wanting more in life rather than studying and be a stereotypical Asian involved in the medical field. It's actually my desire to destroy the stereotype.

Currently, I'm trying to make the most out of my spare time to get out of this situation. So far, the workload is pretty heavy along with juggling school at the same time starting tomorrow.

I can never seem to catch a break but when I do, I'm either dead tired or on vacation.

But anyways, here's the video of a reunion between Kaneki and Hide which includes Hide's face reveal at the end after what Kaneki did to him. Don't expect Studio Pierrot to animate this anytime soon or Ch.125 if you know what I'm referring to.

And be sure to check out SheepNinja on Youtube for more content on his channel. There's a lot of animations that have no reason to not to be amazed about.

And if you're wondering what I used for recording my voice, I bought:

Nothing too expensive and enough for good quality sound. As for the the software, I used Audacity for recording.

After having more experience with recording audio, I highly recommend (but not required) using Voicemeeter for hearing your own voice as you speak as well as using over-ear headphones, preferably Sony brand unless you want to go for something more expensive like noise-canceling headphones which I find unnecessary when you're in a quiet room.

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