Why you should not play/win stacker [arcade game]

This was originally posted on August 22, 2016

So back in January, I was playing mini-golf with my friends during the night. After we finished, we passed through the arcade, looking at the games around to see how interesting they were. As one of my friends was playing DDR, there were prizes that caught my eyes, gazing into the plastic case, holding onto these hooks and with them.. were a 1 TB PS4 Call of Duty bundle, an Xbox One Quantum Break bundle, a Wii, and some other prize. It was a stacker game and I thought it shouldn’t be too hard since the speed shouldn’t be too “fast” cause I’ve seen Freddie Wong play it in that Arcade Dominator video.

So later that night after a social gathering at my house was over, I tried to find that same arcade game or at least similar to it online but I had no luck until I discussed with it a friend who happened to find the closest thing to it at the arcades. So like the ones in the arcade, you start stacking the blocks at low speed. As you keep stacking and possibly lose blocks along the way, the speed increases until you reach to the top. Fortunately for this game, it continues after stacking the blocks all the way to the top, only to go back to the bottom and starting with the same speed where you left off when you reached the top.

Unfortunately, I had to wait until the summer before I could play stacker since I had to focus on studying for school. Whenever I had free time after studying or possibly be taking a break, I would keep practicing that online game over and over again, stacking blocks and blocks of success and failure. But I can tell you that game did prepare me for the real thing.

So summer came and after a hiking trip with a friend, we decided to head over to Boomer’s arcade for a bit. My friend was telling me how stacker was so rigged since he played the game during a sea cruise years ago and the block would skip over at the top three times in a row for him since he wanted an Xbox 360 so bad. So on the way, we happened to meet the cousin of one of our friends working there and my friend had to ask her ‘Hey, didn’t I see you around [high] school?’ and later noticed how creepy that sounded a bit after. But anyways, my friend played stacker for a bit also with tons of quarters in hand but he ended up with nothing.

Overall, I spent a bit more than $20, 32.5 points per game which equals to $3.25 each time. The Wii was gone but all the other prizes are still there + one other prize replaced. What I’ve learned from this: you must never play stacker ever cause the whole system is rigged. If you ever see one, don’t waste your money on it cause it’s most likely going to be rigged depending on the prize in the machine. Now unless you can prove me wrong by outsmarting the system, you can try reading this manual right here. I’ll be waiting..

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