Why I wanted to abandon my little cousin?

This was originally posted on August 26, 2016

So the reason why I wanted to abandon my cousin and leave him was because of how he drinks. A few years ago on Lunar New Year, I took a bunch of my cousins out to 7 Leaves (boba shop) close to my house. I would order Jasmine Milk Tea w/ boba and my 2 other cousins would do the same. As soon as I got into the car and made a turn onto the main street, my little cousin would drink that cup you see in the picture 6 seconds later. I was so annoyed that he drank that cup so fast and how he complained that the cup wasn’t big enough. What kind of person drinks that fast??? I mean... I get that a thirsty person would but my cousin didn’t take the time to savor the taste of the drink like I did. One gulp and it’s already gone. No normal person who comes out of 7 Leaves would drink like that!!

A year later, I took only two of my little cousins again to 7 Leaves. I ordered Mung Bean Milk Tea w/ boba and my other cousins would order Jasmine Milk Tea again. They said they remembered ordering Mung Bean Milk Tea which was definitely not what they ordered last time. I corrected them but they said that’s what they remembered. Inside of me.. I just wanted to beat the crap out of them so that they could remember the life out of them.. every single detail that happened that day.. Anyways, as I drove out onto the street again, my cousin again would drink up the entire cup 4 seconds later, saying later that it tasted disgusting and asked if there were bigger cup sizes. I was so annoyed and disappointed at him that he drank the same drink as last year and that he did not take the time to savor the taste... AGAIN!!! Inside of me as we were going back to my place, I was acting like this..

(ノꐦ ๑´Д`๑)ノ彡┻━┻

So from that day, I decided to make a plan to abandon my cousin at another boba place where you can select bigger cup sizes. I waited another year for this moment again where I would take my same cousins for boba again. I reminded them to bring money the day before coming to my house but unfortunately, they didn’t have any money so I had to let them borrow mines so I could see the big tears rolling down onto my cousin’s cheeks as I dash towards the car with my other little cousin, making him think we abandoned him there until the end of the day where his dad would have to pick him up. It didn’t work out as I would expect as shown in the video below.

Lesson of the day:

Use your 5 senses to savor an ever-lasting moment, making every second count, knowing the feelings you felt at that exact time, engraving it into memory as you live out your best that day.

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