Why I did a Japanese Snacks Video Review

This was originally posted on August 24, 2016.

So I was browsing through Twitter beginning of July when I saw my role model, Steve Terada, tweet a picture of himself at the Tokyo Treat booth at Anime Expo. I have never tried a lot of Japanese snacks before + I really like to experience new kinds of things. Conveniently, one of my friends was attending Anime Expo all four days so I messaged him to get me a box from the Tokyo Treat booth.

Several days later, he came to my house to deliver me the box, telling me that there was a bottle of ramune in there as far as he knows. We were talking and catching up with lots of things happening in our lives. As soon as my friend was about to leave, I wanted to pay him back the money he used to buy me the snacks but he refused. I insisted, feeling really bad if I got it for free since time is money. He eventually accepted, saying that he was broke after spending lots of money on Anime Expo, which is a reason good enough for me.

So later, I was thinking about doing a review. Why? It’s cause that I really like trying to experience new things. Being able to capture those moments.. It’s those moments you’ll never experience again like the first time. Another reason why is self-improvement. I have a damaged brain so it’s affected my speech. English is definitely not my favorite subject but recently, I find there’s a lot of value in learning more about it. It’s not that I like it now; it’s just that it can be used so powerfully depending how it’s written, the style, diction, etc. And because of this, an essay I wrote for the UCs is much different from what I wrote 2-3 years ago. I haven’t written in a long time but experimenting with new things for me so much fun!

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