Life is Hectic During Free Time

This was originally on August 10, 2017

Summer for me, so far, has been pretty busy for me as usual. I promised myself long ago that I would work on these personal projects that I keep setting aside due to being distracted by Netflix or anime. But now that I’m done with community college for a few months already and the fact that I’ve been working and maintaining this website by looking at the codes for about at least half the free time I spent, I haven’t been achieving the goals I want due to time. Yes, time. Even with the months of summer break I’ve been given, the first time for a long time right before I started community college, 4 months of break still is not enough time to finish the projects I want to do.

Working on different projects and trying to learn new things at the same time is simply a hectic way of living for me. I start on them but I don’t finish in time as I had expected. I used to be a multi-tasker so I would get work done a lot faster but it just put a strain on my brain and my energy would get depleted a lot faster than what I intended for my body to use.

I do try to take breaks from my work and enjoy life as much as possible.

This was recorded around mid-July when my friend was giving our friend from Ohio a tour around DTLA and the 626 Night Market. There are things I still haven’t experienced yet in life and yet, I find myself in this dilemma between work and experiencing life. My work will eventually become life experiences for other people to learn which is why I’m having so much trouble.

But the main problem has more likely to do with my health. People define me as a very ambitious person but you might have already figure that out by now. However, whenever I’m done going on the toilet, my energy gets zapped from my body slowly and I get extremely tired almost every time. Therefore, I can’t get any work done like this.

I mean I try to look on the bright side of things like this.

I get tired. I rest/sleep. I get up with plenty of energy for me to start working again. I do get bummed over a little bit for the lost time but I need to get myself to be productive as much as possible.

I said I would meditate more often but that hasn’t been successful. I try to do 5 minutes but five minutes feels like a pretty long time. But I need to make into a habit of it somehow if I want to progress further in life.

Right now, I’m also taking an online course in which a part of it is focused on retaining a mindset of good habits. So far, I haven’t reached that part of the section yet. It’s definitely going to be tough but the work will pay off in the end.

So do you have anything planned during your free time that requires certain mindset in order to achieve a goal? Let me know and I’ll be happy to reply!

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