Confronting Close-Minded Individuals

This was originally posted on December 21, 2017

New school. New environment. I still find myself adjusting to the school’s new quarter system after transferring from the semester system. Anyways, due to the fact that the campus core is huge (at least 1 mile/1.61 km in circumference), I bought myself a onewheel for this purpose. The onewheel is pretty fast and very eco-friendly vehicle overall though very heavy (35 lbs/15.8757 kg) when I have to carry it.

Although I’ve amazed a lot of people with the same looks I had when I first saw someone riding it on a Youtube video, it has also caused a bit of trouble for me as well. For instance, I was getting off my board in front of one of the libraries at my school when a librarian stopped me at the entrance:

Librarian: You can’t bring that in here.

Me: What?

Librarian: You can’t bring that in here. You gotta lock it up.

Me: Umm... Okay??

It annoys me the fact that people tend to react negatively to things that they are unfamiliar with. I know that these people were just doing their job but they should try to at least learn a bit more about the foreign object I’m carrying. Furthermore, I’ve read a bunch of stories on a Facebook group of people having trouble bringing in their onewheel to places or onto planes because it looks “dangerous,” the battery might be a “bomb,” etc. These people make it dangerous only because they think it is and not that it actually is.

There’s also a psychological concept I’ve introduced to people, Personality Werewolves, which I made a video about. It explains how someone can change from being an introvert to an extrovert (or vice-versa) by the time of day changing such as morning to evening. As a scientist (or I will be one soon), I can prove this even further by how neuroticism and extraversion are linked to depressive and anxiety disorders and how my extroversion slowly changes to introversion as the day passes. My extroversion slowly changes to introversion as the day passes. Based on my experience, I have been more prone to being more depressed in my introverted state with the science article I provided as support.

However, there are people who didn’t believe in this concept, relying on the information that is provided to them already. These cainotophobic people aren’t willing to accept new information that I experienced myself. Maybe it’s for the sake of pride or their ego. I don’t blame them.

People are raised to be neophobic and/or cainotophobic by their parents and can be easily influenced their peers. Animals can be seen with the same type of behavior just like humans. But it’s time for them to be more open-minded like scientists instead of closing their minds off to things that they already know and can verify. Can people build off information by looking up credible science articles that at least provide an abstract and details of an experiment and not just “studies show...” without crediting their source, that is, if the source actually exists and not just some BS people write about?

It’s about time for people to act more curious and explore the unknown. Although I’m majoring in Biology, I still plan on becoming involved in the film industry in some way. Even if I do go down that path, it’s always helpful to have a scientific mind with you. By just having this mindset, you’re already better off than the general population. Instead of just consuming information that’s been provided to you, you evaluate that information and applying that information into your own experiences. You may encounter new experiences that you yourself only know by which you would continue to go through the cycle over and over again. That’s what it means to be a well-informed individual instead of a person who simply stops at evaluation and already draws their conclusion instead of reaching the rest of Bloom’s taxonomy.

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