6 Ways on Dealing With People Who Fear What They Don't Understand

Updated: Jun 18

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It sucks when people react negatively to something they are unfamiliar with.

It sucks even more when they don't even bother listening to you or your ideas and/or opinions. You'll know how frustrating it'll be when you've already anticipate the outcome of the situation and yet, you're still going to talk to these people about it.

Well I am here today to help you deal with people who fear the things that they don't understand.

But first, there are 2 things you would need to know before getting into situations like these again. They are:

  • Identifying the type of communication the person prefers

  • How to properly communicate with these people based on their needs

Although it can very likely ease the tensions between you and the person you are talking to, it is not 100% guaranteed to work since we have to take into consideration their personality as a whole, if there is stress going on, and other different factors that can't be explained.

Let's get started.

An Introduction

I want to start things off with a story around the time when I transferred to a new school after community college. At the time, I had recently bought a onewheel to get around an extremely large school campus when it was still fairly new and unfamiliar with people in 2017 unlike today.

And even though I was able to get around campus in just a few minutes, there were people I've upset other than campus police.

For instance, I was getting off my onewheel in front of one of the libraries at my school when a librarian stopped me at the entrance:

Librarian: You can’t bring that in here.