Childhood Could've Been Ruined..

This was originally posted on June 16, 2016

I remember back when I was about 3 or 4 in the late 90s that I saw a commercial or PSA on TV which I found creepy. It’s pretty vague in my memory but I remember seeing something like a bright orange room or a kitchen with a fork somehow stuck onto this guy’s forehead and I would remember my brother would laugh about it since I thought it was scary.

Jump forward to today, I tried finding that commercial online so I could share it on here but I had no luck on finding it. But I came across this video about the top 50 scariest PSAs from US and Canada (and other countries not mentioned).

The first few PSAs weren’t that bad until I reached : Family Man. Now that’s something that caught me on surprise. As I kept watching, it was getting weirder and scarier and more violent with all these Montana Meth Project videos, other vintage drug videos, to car crashes, then to a F**KING creepy @#$ looking monsters that only children can see. Although I don’t know why my brother has ophiophobia (fear of snakes), I’m assuming it might have to do with that one PSA () even though it was in 1986 and my brother was born in 1988. I honestly don’t know how long commercials were rerunning back then but this is just my best assumption.

Now that I’ve looked at all these PSAs, let’s just say I’m glad that I live in California and born in the 90s where I don’t have to experience these ads might be rated PG-13 or rated R that would scar my childhood memories possibly living in Montana or Canada or wherever these were shown.

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