Trolls aren't safe (from me)

This was originally posted on January 14, 2014


I was inspired to make this video due to a gaming interaction I had with a person online. This had happened to me in that same game twice actually with both situations being dealt with kids. The first situation was an example used in this video. The second interaction, the kid thought that I was cheating due to the fact that "I was making the game freezing" when the internet connection between us was terrible, causing our match to lag. After I lectured the kid, he said that he "eats n*ggas for breakfast" and I'm like:

Now don't do this in real life or especially online. You're actually going to get yourself killed due to how fast technology is advancing and how easier it can be to find someone.

So in this video, I talk about internet trolls and how I actually ‘deal’ with them. How do you personally deal with them?

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